Here’s An Irony: OCEA Heavy Petting Pedo-Perv Kept On Payroll

The OCEA seems to be fixated on sexual pervs and pedophiles these days. At least they are as it relates to Shawn Nelson’s law practice – that seems to be guilty of having the potential to defend one some day.

A Friend forwarded a rather disgusting story about a creep sicko named Kevin Duane Van Otterloo – an OCEA member and Health Care Agency co-worker of OCEA PAC Treasurer Chris Prevatt, pictured above. The tale was told by the OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano back in 2004.

It seems that Van Otterloo was busted for lewd acts perpetrated upon a disabled kid at the County’s Juvie Hall. He plead down the worst felonies but lost his nursing license. Did the County dump this perv? According to Arellano they gave him a $70,000 make-work job in the Animal Care Services Division.

But was there any outrage at OCEA HQ that an admitted pedophile was kept on by the County but was actually promoted? Maybe we will hear back from Nick “Bullhorn” Berardino about any role he and the union may have had in helping Van Otterloo stay on the public payroll. Or maybe Chris Prevatt will chime in on why Van Otterloo got the kid glove treatment instead of being canned.

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  1. Wait a minute! This Orange County employee and member of OCEA plead GUILTY to reduced charges? I checked the Megan’s Law website for California DOJ and his name does not come up which seems consistent with a plea deal to avoid the stigma that goes with being a registered sex offender. Does anyone have any more information on this?

  2. I’m wondering if the union helped pay for this creep’s defense. Would that be an OCEA benefit?

  3. uh oh—Dannyboi “I believe in truth justice and the American Way” Ch-meow-lewinsky and Chrissy “the Pimp” Prevatt are going to mad…..Congrats to 4F staff and Friends for busting up the storyline that Danny the Pussyboi Ch-meow-lewinsky and Pimp Prevatt have been saying all along and showing the nonsense of their efforts…..Further you should google Wayne Ordos and look at his cases that he has handled-defending CCPOA members as they placed prisoners in cells with other prisoners who raped and sodomized these prisoners (yes one did the other) and Ordos defended the guards who did this. Not to mention the $10000 per month retainer (whether he did anything or not) by CCPOA.

    A long history……

  4. In the twisted LibOC worldview, defending criminals is bad but giving them a job promotion is good!

  5. There is no depth the union won’t plumb in order to put an ignorant stooge in the Supe’s chair. They love people who are 1) stupid, or 2) desperately ambitious.

    So they love the numbskull Bill Campbell the repuglican who gave the OCEA 2.7 at 55 in 2004. And they love Janet Nguyen who can be manipulated.

    Which brings us to Assclown Sidhu who is both ignorant AND desperately ambitious. Electing this buffoon will give the OCEA a friendly majority on the Board. And that’s why they’re spending all the dough.

  6. I hear that Chrissy the Pimp Prevatt does bang up business during the Long Beach Grand Prix week….and I do mean BANG UP business not to mention the cut that both OCEA and OC Dems take from his work along PCH in Long Beach….not to mention his portion of expenses that PussiBoi Che-Meow-Lewinski demands….

  7. Why does this not surprise me?

    Is anyone else just getting used to the fact that the ones throwing out the accusations are so often doing it to distract from their own misdeeds?

    The OCEA has no credibility on any issue right now but at least they could start to rebuild some if they treated the GUILTY differently than the accused. In this matter it appears they went out of their way to coddle a guilty man. Hardly the same as honoring the rights of an accused.

    P.S. What does the Downs Syndrome guy in the photo have to do with hiring a convicted child molester?

  8. Chrissy the Pimp Prevatt (and I do so love Ford Motor Credit) is the OCEA union rep that opposed the termination of his fellow union member who was accused of this egregious deed and who supports Lorri “I love to declare bankruptcy in California” Galloway in her campaign to put a union voice on the BOS

    Cant wait to have Lorri “the voice of reason-forget the fact that ELI Home organization has run deficits for the last 6 years-I dont know how to manage an organizational budget let alone an organization but I do know how to both buy shoes and declare bankruptcy” Galloway as the duly elected voice of the people of the 4th District.

  9. Chrissy “the Pimp” Prevatt loves to walk around OCHSA and announce that electing Galloway will give a voice of sanity to the BOS.

    Van Otterloo is Chris and DanniBoi’s good buddy….keep looking under the pages and you will find Van Otterloo

  10. GA, I knew you would!

    so do Che-meow-lewinski and Pimpy Prevatt….cant find anything about it at Flibby OC! but I think that Van Otterloo is an OCEA stalker of the first order…thats why Pimpy strongly opposed his termination

  11. When a man molests a boy, the pederast is usually fired from his job. When a man molests a handicapped boy, the pederast is usually run out of town or beaten to death in prison. When a man molests a handicapped boy under the guise of giving him medical treatment, well, even the Catholic Church wouldn’t likely protect his sorry ass.

    But when a man sexually molests a handicapped boy under the guise of giving him medical treatment . . . he gets a promotion? That’s how Orange County treated Kevin Duane Van Otterloo. On Oct. 19, 2000, Van Otterloo was charged with felony oral copulation and sexual molestation against a minor while serving as a supervising nurse at Orange County Juvenile Hall the summer before. Van Otterloo eventually agreed to a deal: the district attorney’s office dropped the felonies and Van Otterloo pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of lewd conduct.

    Nurses at Juvie are employed by the county’s Health Care Agency (HCA), which kept Van Otterloo on the county payroll as he faced the charges and then, three months after he pleaded guilty, promoted him to research analyst for the agency. In October 2002, the HCA transferred Van Otterloo to its embattled Animal Care Services (ACS) division, where he remains a researcher.

    A worker at the county’s human resources department, citing county policy, told the Weekly that a prior child-molestation conviction “wouldn’t be an issue” for those seeking to work for the county as long as said molester wasn’t working with kiddies. “They could work at anything that doesn’t involve children,” said the unidentified woman. “Like a clerical job—or an animal shelter.”

    That policy infuriates local animal-rights advocates who want Van Otterloo out. They’re questioning why a man with no prior animal-shelter experience and a previous child-molestation conviction continues to earn $70,000 per year so that he can, according to county documents, research and prepare grants “to subsidize future purchase of alternative-fuel vehicles” and for “potential ACS funding sources.”

    “I’m disgusted that we can’t hire kennel help or get new facilities, but we can hire someone to research fuel,” fumes Maria Dales, a longtime shelter critic who chaired its citizen-advisory board in 2002. “I would expect better oversight from the Health Care Agency.”

    “You have someone with no shelter experience who leapfrogs people with more than a decade of experience for a management position. It’s just ridiculous,” adds Robert Newman, who chaired the Animal Control Advisory Board last year. “It’s unfortunate that whoever is responsible for making those decisions shows a complete disregard for the animals entrusted to the shelters—and children, for that matter. Junior scouts do an entire internship [at the animal shelter].”

    The majority of Van Otterloo’s criminal file remains sealed, but documents obtained by the Weekly suggest HCA officials have never particularly cared that Van Otterloo effectively admitted to the more-serious felony charges he originally faced after his initial court hearing. His admission appears as part of a report prepared by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN), the agency that accredits state nurses. On July 22, 2001, the board revoked Van Otterloo’s nursing license because of his conviction. In a filing with the state attorney general, the BRN noted that Van Otterloo “admits the truth of each and every charge and allegation” contained in a February 2001 accusation written by Ruth Ann Terry, executive officer of the board.

    Terry’s accusation begins by disclosing that the 17-year-old victim, identified as Robert W., “was brought to Orange County Juvenile Hall for medical treatments for his cystic fibrosis” on Aug. 8, 2000. That day, Van Otterloo took the victim into a medical examination room “where [Van Otterloo] pulled Robert W.’s pants down and masturbated Robert W. When it was over, [Van Otterloo] said to Robert W., ‘I hope you know I love you and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.'”

    A week later, according to Terry’s report, Robert W. returned to Juvenile Hall for further cystic fibrosis treatments. But when the time came for his treatment, “Robert W. refused to go because he did not want to see [Van Otterloo] again.” Guards at Juvenile Hall ignored the teenager’s pleas and forced him into the medical examination room with Van Otterloo, where the nurse proceeded to rub “the outside of [Robert W.’s] pants in the groin area.” Van Otterloo then pulled down the boy’s pants and “this time orally copulated Robert W.”

    Terry’s accusation also cites a taped telephone conversation between Van Otterloo and Robert W. in which Van Otterloo made “several incriminating statements including: “Can’t you just let it go?” “Heavy stuff like this needs to be in person.” And “[It was] a huge mistake; good Lord, what happened?”

    But for Terry, the final straw came a couple of weeks later, when Van Otterloo wrote to Robert W.:

    You’ve got everything it takes you’re handsome, you’ve got a killer body[smiley face], beautiful eyes, a perfect . . . but more important, you’re kind, smart, funny sincere, charming, loving, considerate, giving, and devoted…. No I don’t lean that way. I just don’t have many hang-ups. I’m pretty free thinking. Hope to hear from you soon, I love you very much….Kevin . . . p.s. Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about you. How many people know where your freckles are?

    “[Van Otterloo] is subject to disciplinary action,” wrote Terry, “in that [Van Otterloo] committed gross negligence and displayed incompetence in his treatment of patient Robert W.”

    HCA officials removed Van Otterloo from his nursing position after the BRN’s decision—they had to. But HCA officials did not seem to care about his crime or Robert W. when tipped off by its own employees, according a confidential, undated report prepared by the HCA’s Juvenile Health Services division. A nurse at Los Pinos Conservation Camp, where Robert W. stayed, testified in the report that “no one from HCA was interested in what I witnessed. It made me sick to see minor . . . laying in a fetal position on the floor, withdrawn—he told me that Kevin told him not to talk to me or share any problem with me. Meanwhile, management at Juv. Hall medical unit where [sic] collecting $ for Kevin—showing no concern for minor. I never recieved [sic] any support from management, neither did the minor involved,” the nurse concluded. “We are probably both scarred to this day.”

    1. Thank you for the recap of the facts. After reading the letter from Van Otterloo to this kid I can only say there is now indisputable evidence the OCEA is a protector of child molesters.

  12. Is that the same Chris Prevatt that defrauded us back in 2005? It sure looks like the same creep we got the judgment against.

  13. Hey me and Chris have more in common than I knew. I defrauded Ford Motor Credit too. They won a judgment in court against me just like they did Chris.

    My pal Harry tried to settle my debt with them but Ford wouldn’t accept chicken in lieu of cash.

    I will never pay them and will continue living in mommy and daddy’s house til I die.

  14. The Health Care Agency is a large department with more than 2000 employees. Prevatt never has worked for that part of the Agency and there is no evidence he even knew this guy. Gustavo’s story doesn’t say anything about OCEA or Prevatt, and points to management having made the decisions regarding this person. Unions have the legal duty to represent all employees for the purpose of protecting their employment rights from management abuse. That does not mean that the union condones what the employee is alleged to have done.

    It’s real slimy of you Bushala to post Prevatt’s picture with this story since he had nothing to do with Van Otterloo.

  15. Like it or not, Prevatt and the LibOC represent the hypocritical OCEA, who in turn keeps the county from firing pedos.

  16. Truth Sayer,
    you need to get a life….sounds like you are one of the Flibby OC clowns….and that you are a defender of OCEA and their defense of Van Otterloo…As we all know, one does not have to know the individual in question in order to defend them…I am certain that Van Otterloo paid his union dues monthly and was entitled to a defense of his actions as well as defense of his employment. Just like CCPOA and their attorney who happens to play with OCEA and Nicky baby…..where is JERBIE? hasnt chimed in yet…….must be sitting in Suite C or as some have written the Commode Suite at Pacific Strats-his site for conversations with Che-Meow-Lewinski and Pimppy Prevatt

  17. Truth Sayer: “Alleged to have done”?! APOLOGIST ALERT! APOLOGIST ALERT! Van Otterloo admitted to EVERYTHING.

    Kenlay: HAHAHAHAHA!

    On my part, I want to know what happened to Kevin the Pederast. Last I heard, he left the county a couple of years ago, mostly because his coworkers knew of his crimes—and the county’s allowance of him to keep his job—and hated the fucker.

  18. Anyone see this over from OCFIB
    Who Prevatt is voting for

    “Clerk-Recorder: the incumbent Tom Daly has done a good job running the office for the past 8 years. He has brought his department in under budget and repeatedly exceeded revenue expectations for his department. My choice for Clerk-Recorder is Tom Daly.”


  19. Yes, Prevatt is connected through the hypocrisy of his attacks on Nelson while Prevatt himself actually represents a union that protects the employment of pedophiles.

    1. junior, you have them confused with Prevat and Van Otterloo. Those two are, as you put it, “mean spirited fucking assholes, the lowest of the low scum”.


    Junior aka Mike Tardif,

    Given your history it is absolutely hilarious to hear you call anyone a bigot. Besides can you explain what’s bigoted about this post. Is it wrong to be disgusted by pedophiles?

    I realize as a member of the Knights of Colombus you are used to being a pedo-priest apologist, are you now an apologist and protector for all the pedophiles?

    I hate to break it to you Mikey but I always post under my own name. I leave the sock puppetry to you and your pals like Tommy Boy Gordon.

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