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  1. Why is Nelson using a 2004 campaign photo on his mailers posing with police and firfighters when he did not want their support and the police and fire DO NOT support him ? He is misleading the voters!!!

    1. I suppose Nelson used the photo because Nelson supports cops, whether they support him or not. Get over it.

      1. That’s a bunch of BS Donut but you can believe what you want. The truth is that he is using the photo for votes not because he supports any local workers. It’s misleading and wrong like a lot of things in his campaign.

    2. From what I know, Nelson is against cops & firefighters pension spiking scheme the same scheme that broke our government. FYI that does not mean that he’s against public safety.

  2. He supported cops by preventing them from being forced to wear McKinley’s exo-skeleton body armor.

  3. I read that Robert Shawn Nelson is being sued AGAIN regarding the Skylounge that he says he has nothing to do with…what an efn liar.

  4. I agree with Krusty that the mailer is misleading. Shall we go to the Sky Lounge for a drink?

  5. Gilligan, I dont believe the Sky Lounge is open, I read that Robert Shawn Nelson wasn’t paying his bills…wait, why would Robert Shawn Nelson pay for a business that he’s had nothing to do with since, “December 2008”?

    1. What! I’m shocked with this revelation. Isn’t the BOS in charge of the budget for the county?

    2. It appears Harish Babu Sidhu has put some of his little ankle biter Union donkeys on the blogs…

      good work guys, his name indeed is Robert Shawn Nelson–well exposed.

      1. Neato Thor I saw it on the civil action filed against him and Sean Francis regarding the Sky Lounge

  6. Nelson supports cops but he doesn’t support pension spikes. Nobody cares about your photograph. Get over yourself.

    1. What has he ever done to support the fire or cops? I can see that he is using them to try and trick people into thinking they support him when they don’t support him. Obviously people care about the photograph being used and what they believe in an unethical manner. If he had the support great but he doesn’t. He shouldn’t use it. How honest is the use of the photograph on his mailers?

      1. You’ve got to be joking. It’s just a picture of him and some dopey cops, right. No endorsement is stated or even implied. Unless of course you’re a suddenly ever so hyper-sensitive Shidhu union lackey who is just dying to be shocked, shocked I tells ya!

        On a somewhat different note, I respect Nelson because he understands that being “pro-public safety” doesn’t necessarily equate to letting the cops clean out the store they’re supposed to be guarding.

        1. Sippy-so glad to hear you say it’s just a picture of him with some dopey cops but you and his little band of brothers know what he was trying to accomplish with this misleading mailer.

          On a somewhat different note can you shed some light on what his role was with the Sky Lounge? Is he an owner or is he not? I went by there for a drink and it looks like there may be some problems.

          1. No, unlike you I am not a mind reader.

            So you Sidhu monkeys are still trying make a personal business deal into a public campaign issue? Good luck to you and Dan C-somethingorother with that one!

  7. Well evidently, he pays the bills with a check from his law firm? You know…the one that doesnt represent sex offenders…wink wink.

  8. Hey donut, why would he use a photo of himself shaking the hand of an officer who no longer works for the department? who left on not so good terms…what he couldnt find a sex offender who would shake his hand?

  9. I think we’ve already established that nobody but the FPOA cares about Nelson’s photograph. And that’s only because their pals at the AOCDS and OCEA told them to get angry about something… anything.

  10. Donut they probably care because they’re the only ones…wait Nelson also knows that its deceptive…what he couldnt get a more recent photo? and why?

    1. Hey, Tool, why not hump your fake outrage over to the Sidhu campaign headquarters on Orangethorpe and let them know you won’t stand for his deception, i.e. things like carpetbagging, perjury, and misrepresenting oneself as anything other than a world-class ignoramus (and union tool, speaking of tools).

  11. So Joe (and others), can Nelson do ANYTHING wrong? How about having some integrity (you can look that word up, if you’d like) and admit that Nelson was (and continues to be) wrong in using a photo he has no right to use?

    And how do you support public safety and claim public safety supports you when not one public safety group supports you? And the problem with our government has to do with revenues going down (it’s the economy, stupid) and not because of the “evil unions”.

    If the economy were still chugging along, Bushala would be posting about sidewalks and veneer on buildings.

    The situational ethics of this crowed is stunning.

    1. Mr. Adams, as far as looking up words goes I hear Sidhu is still trying to look up the word “effective” under the letter C!

      Supporting “public safety” doesn’t mean giving the cops and firemen a blank check. Of course the public employees don’t see it that way. But Nelson represents us the taxpayers, not the unions.

      The “problem” with our government has nothing to do with revenue. Spoken like a true liberal/RINO. The “problem” is that government workers have become organized and politicized to promote their own interests. Hence the undying union love for an ignorant, ambitious, malleable assclown like Sidhu.

      I will grant you one thing, Adams. You Sidhu supporters will never be accused of having situational ethics. You don’t have any ethics at all.

    2. So which is it, is Nelson being sued by the guy who bought his interest in Sky Lounge, or is Nelson an owner of Sky Lounge and he is bad because the Sky Lounge is bad? Make up your minds.

  12. Johnny D’nut -Sidhu and Galloway are idiots, I agree that doesn’t leave me much choice to pick from. I am not saying Nelson doesn’t support public safety, as a City Council member I hope he would. I just think it is wrong to dupe voters into believing that he has the support of police and fire when he doesn’t. That is the only reason he has a 6 year old photo on his mailer. I believe your buddy Norby voted for the pension you are so upset about. I really think your jealous… maybe you tried to be a cop or fireman but were disqualified for some reason, I don’t know.

  13. Oh, Joe. First of all, Nelson is a Johnny-Come-Lately to this party. He has no problem accepting union endorsements for all of his political career until, suddenly, 2010. Wow. Such a bedrock of values that man has.

    Second of all, Joe, I have never said once I support Sidhu. What I have said is that I don’t support Nelson. Maybe that’s the same thing in the end.

    And I am not for raising taxes (never said that either), but when the economy was churning along, the same tax rate (or even lower) produced much higher revenue. It’s called math, you might want to try doing some sometime.

    I don’t think police or fire is asking for a blank check. But no one cared at all that police and fire were making modest money when all the landlords, and mortgage brokers, and wall street types, and Realtors, and everyone else was making bank hand over fist. People would look at the modest income and smile, knowing they make much more.

    Now, suddenly, the income and pensions of police and fire bother those who aren’t making mid-6 and 7 figure incomes any more.

    Joe, you have less credibility than Nelson does. You are a Nelson apologist who sees nothing wrong in anything that man does. It’s Nelson at all cost because he is the flavor of the week. You’re as bad as the Global Warming zealots who believe all of that clap trap at all costs, like a religion.

    And if it weren’t for the anti-Nelson posts on this board, it would be the same 10 guys vomiting “go Nelson” praise all over each other. You, sir, are the problem. Clouded in your little “it’s the evil, thug unions” that are bringing down society.

    1. Ah the fake conservative is back.

      Of course you never said you supported Hide and Seek. You didn’t have to. You’ve been parroting the Lewis/Jones and now Clark bullshit.

      I have never made a six or seven figure income and the ridiculous salaries of these people, not to mention their retire at 50/55 gravy. We’ll be working ’til we’re in our seventies to pay for these heroes.

      I know, let’s give the cops everything they want, declare bankruptcy and shut the doors, all the while singing that standard tune – “we’re all pro public safety.”

      Public employee unions and their incessant, ever-increasing demands and the slavish devotion to those unions by ambitious RINOs (think Sidhu) and Democrat politicians (many of both parties being retired public employees themselves) are very close to sending California and her muncipalities into receivership.

      But you go ahead Adams and keep chanting your mantra.

  14. I’m farily new to this website and to be honest with you, I only come back to for the comedic value of the articles that are posted by Admin. I see that he’s run out of articles and topics and reposts the same things.

    I do have one question Sipo and maybe when you’re with Nelson while he serves you up his kool aid, ask him why he would want to post a picture of himself with a bunch of “dopey cops”. And don’t give me that “I’m not a mind reader” cop out either (no pun intended). You or someone you know has communications with Nelson and could get to the bottom of this question.

    Why is that so important to him? I know none of you people who are bashing the unions would ever take your picture with cops just for the heck of it but yet Nelson did. He cherishes that picture so much that 6 years after he took it, he decides that he wants everyone to know that he has friends that are “Dopey cops and firemen”. I wonder if the other citizens he used on his flyer are just “Dopey friends”. We all know Norby is a dope.

    None of these public safety workers claim to be his friend. Yet Nelson wants people to think they are. The unions back in 2004 must have given him money and their endorsement and based on his smile, he gladly accepted. The cops have their guns on their holsters so I don’t think they put them to his head either.

    Maybe Nelson could take pictures with some of the clients he’s defended in court. I know they support him directly with outrageous retainers and fees. Nelson probably has a better chance of their friendship than the officers on the flyer.

    I will not vote for Nelson because of the photo and all the other allegations that are made against him.

    Oh by the way Admin guy, I wanted to report some of that fake veneer that went up at the new Chronic Taco place that’s opening up on Chapman just west of Harbor Blvd. I watched them put up a bunch of it on the walls. I’m doing my part to help you all write new articles so you don’t have to repost your old one.

  15. Sipowicz, why dont you ever answer the question, or does the truth hurt so much that you cant bring yourself to typing it? And for the record, because i dont like the unethical NELSON doesnt mean I support Sidhu or Galloway…If Robert is going to send false information to the voters, he should respond with a followup letting them know he lied. I dont see any other way around it…how about a little INTEGRITY.

  16. Is it just me or are there a whole lot of off-duty cops posting on this blog all of a sudden?

    I can see why. There is a lurking wave of conservative anger over the whole pension/budget meltdown and people realize that public safety employees are getting much more than they deserve.

    Police and Fire endorsements are suddenly worth much less than previously thought. Public employees, your stock is diving. It’s time to keep your heads low and concentrate on fooling the public into thinking you’re worth what they pay you.

    It’s 2010 and the gravy train just ran off the tracks.

  17. Tea bag, I think you missed my point here. I’m not defending the cops and what their trying to do. I’m questioning Nelson’s integrity. My questions are legitimate. What is the deal with that picture. It’s very misleading. You don’t think so? He isn’t friends with the people in the picture or what they represent nor does he have any of their support.

    Why didn’t he just post a picture of Obama on the flyer? He is more recognizable than those “Dopey Cops”. Probably because he doesn’t want Obama’s support and Obama doesn’t endorse him. Just like the cops and fire guys don’t.

    Nelson is a shyster and we have plenty of that in our politics already. It’s time to clean house all the way around. Nelson will only add the to problem, not solve it.

    I won’t vote for either Nelson or Sidhu. And being a republican this is a sad day for me and it will be for all us if Nelson is elected.

  18. I am done worrying. I am wondering when Jubal is going to publish his “why I support Harish” article.

    He is hedging his bet, hoping to get a free St. paulie girl at the celebration. And keep some relations with the leaders he torpedo’s.

    What a shill!

  19. shawn nelson doesn’t have to run for sheriff to get my vote. the fact that he wants to stop government from stealing our money with increased taxes for pensions and cut stupid nanny state programs wins my vote and should win the vote of those who comprehend what they read.

  20. Well, looks as if the Harish Siduh peanut gallery has come to roast here at FFF.

    I’ve been waiting to see when someone would finally call out the strange fact that these MajicCarpetBagging Siduhites are using Nelson’s first name.

    I hate to point out to you masters of the obvious that “Harry” is not Harish’s legal name where as Robert is Nelson’s real leagal name and Shawn is his REAL MIDDLE NAME.

    It is great to see that FFF has gotten under the very thin skin of the Harishites.

    Can’t wait for the REAL 4th district voters to kick Siduh’s ass all the way back to Anaheim Hills.

  21. Oh please Les, don’t flatter yourself. This is all in good fun. If Nelson stays in Fullerton, the cops and fire are screwed. If he goes to the BOS, the sheriffs and OCEA are screwed. Eventually Norby will wig out in Sac and be taken out in a straight jacket and if Nelson goes upstate, he can right all the wrongs that the unions have done. In the end we’ll all pay our taxes and die of old age.

    We’ll see Robert and Harish in a run off in November.

    Now I have to get back to my dark back room and loan a few million dollars to this guy name Bugsy cause he wants to build a casino in Vegas.

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