Giasone Strikes Again: The Pickle Lady Goes to Hawaii!

Demonstrating an irresistable consistancy publishing the commonplace and the inane, Fullerton News Tribune ace reporter Barbara Giasone may have even topped herself this ante meridiem. Check out this compelling news story about the Pickle Lady. 

It seems a local woman won a trip to Hawaii via the kindly offices of the dim-witted “Wheel of Fortune” show and the FNT presses were stopped. Barbara pulled off of the other hard-hitting news exclusives she is working on (i.e. the giant lobster in the tank at the Japanese sea food restaurant and the giant snapping turtle that used to live in Laguna Lake) and scoops the rest of the media world.


10 Replies to “Giasone Strikes Again: The Pickle Lady Goes to Hawaii!”

    1. She should. Sadly, that “eat pickles” comment is brighter than anything Bankhead, Jones, or Keller have said in years.

      Pickle Lady for Council 2010!

  1. Giasone’s only talent or intrinsic ability is spontaneous respirations. She would be a better fit as a reporter for the Fullerton Observer than a reporter for any legitimate newspaper.

  2. van, I agree with you 100%. Giassone should be put out to pasture for grazing.

    Why is it that people cant see the trees through the forest?

  3. You shouldn’t blame Barbara. She is what she is. The fault lies with the Fullerton News Tribune operation, the register, and ultimately its bankrupt parent company.

    The insult to our collective intelligence is huge, historical, and inveterate.

    Two bright spots:

    1) when the register dies the news tribune will go down the aqua-spiral with it.

    2) as with the observer, no one makes you pick it up and read it!

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