Hold Your Breath. Or Don’t.

Tomorrow you will know if your electoral politics will be bought and sold like a cut up salmon at a fish market.

In the 4th District Supervisor race in the past several months we’ve seen it all: two candidates – Galloway and Sidhu who both conjured up several addresses in order to favor us with their candidacy. One, the arrested adolescent Galloway, wanted so much to be the union stooge; yet it was the ignorant, incomprehensible, buffoonish Sidhu who grabbed the union brass ring.

Lorri Galloway seems to think she has Jesus Christ on her side. Well, okay; but Sidhu’s union pals spent almost $1.5 million to beat a solid candidate, Shawn Nelson, who actually lives in our district. Galloway has not yet submitted campaign contributions from the Almighty.

What will happen? I really believe that the voters will see through the phony crap laddled out by Hide and Seek Sidhu and his self-seeking tools, some of whom have trolled this blog. And there is no chance anybody who has seen the Precious Princess in action can come away from the experience with any other emotion than revulsion. Come to think of it, anybody who has seen the videos of Harry Sidhu will be able to do anything except repress a contemptuous chortle.

Frankly, the very idea that either of the two candidates, Galloway and Sidhu, who both commenced their candidacies with blatant lies, could be received with anything other that disdain by the electorate. These two miscreants have set the political bar very low indeed.

I have never voted for a Republican before. But tomorrow I will. I will vote for a guy who lives in the district; for a guy who will represent us, not the unions; for a guy who will take back control of County government from the amoral lobbyists for whom the apparatus of government has become nothing other than a nearly exhausted cash cow.

I am voting for Shawn Nelson.

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  1. Lorri Galloway lives in the district asshole. She is a champion for the working class resoisents of the district. Shawn Nelson is a liar and a fraud. You guys are unbelievable shills for a moron

    1. It’s time to face the facts. Galloway lives at 270 S. Solomon Dr. in Anaheim Hills, well outside of the 4th district. That makes her a carpetbagging liar, whether you believe it or not.

      1. “Lorri Galloway lives in the district asshole.”

        She’s pretending to live in the “5 Points” neighborhood. It’s not a great area, but I certainly wouldn’t refer to it as the district asshole.

    2. English Major,
      Good post! As you can see, it doesn’t take long for the “self-seeking tools” to jump in.

      Galloway rocks,
      First, being a shill implies that one is being PAID to support a candidate. I don’t know who English Major is, but I doubt Nelson is paying him/her.
      Also, Galloway is a champion of Galloway. Look at her history of personal conflict. That goes for Sidhu as well. Sidhu lives to serve Sidhu.

      1. “Galloway is a champion of Galloway.”

        Sad, but true. Her “Eli Home” is nothing but an empty shell used to con millions over the years.

    3. Lorri Galloway lives in Anaheim Hills dumb-ass, learn the district lines…that the THIRD district.


  2. Since this website always touts him as the best candidate I want to share some of my personal reasons’s why I won’t be voting for Robert Shawn Nelson:
    1. In the past he has taken money and he has asked for endorsements from the unions to help him in his personal quest for political positions. Only recently when he knew that an endorsement and money from unions wouldn’t be coming did it become a bad thing.
    2. I believe he has been using a photograph from 2004 that includes police and fire personnel to give the voting public the impression that he has their support when he doesn’t. In my opinion this mailer is very misleading.
    3. The Sky Lounge Bar has issues.
    4. His law practice did solicit clients for civil and criminal issues which is not a problem but I’m not fond of the information I read regarding the sex related offenses.
    5. In my opinion the Coyote Hills vote was made to gain a few more votes.
    6. He voted to save the Fox and lots of money spent on this silly project
    7. That whole mural thing.
    8. Been on Fullerton City Council for 8 years and we’re in the worst shape ever. Maybe that’s a reason to get him out of here but I can’t reward him.
    These are a few of my reasons for not going with him. Either way we’ll all know tomorrow night.

    1. “Been on Fullerton City Council for 8 years and we’re in the worst shape ever.”

      Ever consider the notion that it might have a lot to do with the other four dummies on the Council?

      1. Okay he had nothing to do with it so let’s give him a pass because it was the 4 other dummies fault for everything. He’s a modern day hero.

          1. Sippy on the Koolaid- Yes he is a current county supervisor until November when you believe he wins by 25%. I don’t know about 25% but maybe when it’s all done everyone can go over to the Sky Lounge for a drink. By the way I’m not a sore loser……..this could be the best thing for Fullerton

  3. looks like #1 hasnt been following the well documented moves of galloway to get in the district.by her own admission she moved to run….either that or #1 is pimpy prevatt stalking the site or danni the pussi boi che-meow-lewinski the polish peasucker attacking nelson again

  4. Gilligan,

    Who in this election do you think will stand up to the unions? Regardless as to why or what got him or her religion, who will stand up?

    Based on any reasonable view of the situation the answer is Nelson followed by Art Brown. The rest is details.

  5. I’m voting for Shawn Nelson because he took campaign contributions from the Fullerton cops and then didn’t give them any special treatment.

    That’s the way it should be. And they hate him for it.

  6. #7, you hit the nail on the head.

    This idiot Gilligan (good name choice – you’ll never get off your own little island).

    He/she is worried about “the whole mural thing?” Jesus H., Gilligan you sure scraped the bottom of the barrel with that one.

  7. I’m voting for Shawn Nelson because he can add and subtract. If our economy is entering a Greater Depression, then don’t increase pensions,continue funding silly projects, agencies and commissions. Nelson’s record shows he knows how to deflate bloated government that is ruining our economy.

  8. My guess is that the “Union Thugs” in Fullerton are hoping Nelson does get elected to the BOS. It will get him out of the City and to the County where he can’t hurt them. He will be OCEA et al problem. The great thing is that Nelson will win in the interim and sit immediately. He will have to face Harish in a run off in November. None of Lorri’s votes will go to Nelson but probably to Sidhu. Sidhu will sit in November. Nelson will be out of politics come November and can spend his time defending sex offenders.

    My Quatrain:

    The defender of violent sex will sit in June.
    November will change when the curry blooms.

    1. Glad to see that the Sidhueys have already conceded June 8th to Nelson and are now hanging their hats on a November miracle.

      By the time the next election rolls around the anti-union frieght train will be rolling at full speed. So good luck with that.

    2. Curry bloom? What the Hell does that mean? If Nelson wins today he will be a supervisor. There goes Hide and Seek’s one and only issue as far as Nelson is concerned.

      The remaining rats would jump off Sidhu’s leaky bucket post haste. Personally I would love to watch Hairball pretend he lives at Lucky Way for another five months. His old lady’s gonna love that!

    3. Dear Nost, None of Lori’s votes will go to Nelson? Last I checked Sidhu was hitting Lori in the mail in my neighborhood as recently as Friday or Saturday. I’m sure that sits real well with Lori’s fan club. Ya, they’ll flock right over to Sidhu now and cozy up to him and his pack of loons from the CRA.

  9. Nelson supports the mission of public safety which does not include a bloated pension.
    Nelson is a businessman and CIVIL attorney. Both of those jobs means that he equally makes as many enemies as he does friends. Now with Nelson’s pension reform platform, he will certainly have more enemies known to many of us as union thugs. How many of us are willing to make enemies because of our professional, political, and economical philosophies? Not too many, I would guess.

    Someone once posted (maybe several times) that Nelson must not have many friends. I think that is true. Anyone who is willing to be vocal about their views which go against the grain of popular sentiment must understand that they will have very few friends. However, those who Nelson does call his friend will be closer than all of the other mere acquaintances you and I might call friends. They will stand up and fight for him. How many friends do you have sitting on the sidelines of these issues who will stand up with you to support you and help defend your cause? How far will they go to help?

  10. Everyone who is in this race lives in the 4th District except Harish Babu Sidhu and Lorri Galloway.

    That’s why the OC Register couldn’t event began to think about taking them seriously or supporting them publicly.

  11. Why, you must be talking about me when you are talking about trolling the blog. I don’t really care for any of the candidates personally, but what can ya do? You are right, Shawn of the Dead has never lied, if you discount the SO thing but, then, he hates government employees. Do you really think the government can run on outsourcing? Has anyone here seen debacle over at the IT department caused by outsourcing? Oh, and good luck getting your roads fixed on contract.

    Oh well, when Sidhu wins I guess you all can sit here an cry about how bad the county has gotten.

    1. FYI—Its the county employees running the IT department who are screwing it up. county keeps hiring the talent away from the company the county outsourced the work to. then, they pass the buck on mismanagement.

      you should learn what you are talking about before you spew bullshit here pal…

      1. Oh, Ok, I’ll just….. Oh wait, I do know what I am talking about.

        The county outsources IT contracts to the supposed lowest bidder in some Supervisor’s pocket, gets back poorly written software and hardware that has to be kissed and tucked in at night to keep running. The IT department, who has not hired a soul in over a year has to come in and fix it ant they are the culprits?

        It’s not bullshit when it’s the truth. Check your facts. Oh, facts don’t seem to count either when it comes to this blog. As long as you bash public employees…..

  12. “Oh, and good luck getting your roads fixed on contract.”

    That’s funny, all the road and sewer/water work in Fullerton over the last couple of years was on contract, and the contractors were a lot smarter than the Ciy lackeys running the show. For example,t rather than replacing 60+ year old water mains whose failure is imminent while everything’s already dug up, the City refused so instead in a couple of years they’ll be digging up the new pavement, probably damaging a lot of new undergrond stuff in the process, to fix the stuff they could have done cheaply now.

  13. Well, when Shawn of the Dead’s replacement has the city outsourcing to china, good luck on getting those water mains fixed.

  14. Well, as was said before, Nelson may win tonight (not surprising), but it’s not because of any superior candidacy or ideals. It’s simple geography.

    Shawn Nelson gets most of the Fullerton vote. Brown gets most of the Buena Park vote, Sidhu and Galloway SPLIT the Anaheim vote, etc, etc, etc.

    When Nelson has to face Sidhu in November, there will be no split vote. Do you really think the Galloway and Espinoza and Brown voters will vote for Nelson? Please.

    Also, one thing I can say for sure (and I’ll say it again and again),

    HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN, Nelson will no longer be a Councilman in Fullerton. Good riddance!

    1. Geography? That’s great. Didn’t Sidhu keep claiming that he represented 40% of the district? Could be that alot of the people who know him best like him the least.

      Nelson beat Sidhu by 12 points after the unions spent over a million on Sidhu’s behalf.

      Will the unions keep wasting money on the hapless assclown against a sitting Supervisor? Methinks not.

      Nelson beats Assclown in November by 25%.

  15. I love the turnout on Sidhu. Nelson slaughtered him, of course.

    For the 69th Assembly District Central Committee, Sidhu came in 7th, losing the sixth slot by 7 votes. Yes, S-E-V-E-N votes!!!! LMAO!

  16. I guess we’ll see how well my new boss does keeping those damned unions in line between now and November. At least Fullerton got rid of him which is probably why they all voted for him. Now, he won’t be able to do any further damage.

  17. The sound of the ass-whooping that Hunt received is deafening. Let’s see, the Sheriff candidate the F’ers endorsed was beaten embarrassingly, the judge the F’ers endorsed (16) was beaten handily, the judge the F’ers endorsed (50) was beaten, the OC Clerk-Recorder, etc, etc.

    Ok, your 4th district candidate got about 1 in 3.3 votes. Other than that, wow, what a bad job at picking and supporting candidates.

    Good job, F’ers. Let’s see what happens when Nelson doesn’t have a split ticket to fight. Someone above said by 25% in November? Really, 75% of the vote for Nelson? I’m not sure even Obama got 75% of the vote in San Francisco. Ok Smokin’ Joe, let’s see how good you are (booking marking page now).

    1. No, dope. You’re a cop? Figures.

      63-37 would be a 26% spread, for instance. The SS Sidhu is taking on water badly and has only one direction it can go. But go ahead and keep enjoying the view from Sidhu’s poop deck.

      And buy a long snorkel.



      1. FatFoot is testing the waters. He should be going by “Retired FatFoot”…I mean FlatFoot. I bet he doesn’t have a lick of hair and spent some time with LAPD…

  18. FullertonFlatfoot,
    You are treating political races like football pools. If you want to play politics with popularity contests, bring in the sports-has-beens and TV/movie actors.

    I don’t pick candidates based on a perceived likelihood of their victory; anybody can do that. No, I (and many others here) base there choices on a candidate’s platform, stance on certain issues, voting history, or some other factor besides the perception of an easy victory.

    Best of all, pension reform is coming to ALL City of Fullerton employees

  19. “Best of all, pension reform is coming to ALL City of Fullerton employees”

    Which is why Shawn of the Dead won’t do much in county politics. Pension reform has already come. First, Measure J put the likelihood of any future “enhancements” in the hands of the voters. Second, Nick B and the Union developed a hybrid plan for new employees which, when presented to the Gang of Five, they fell all over themselves to take credit for. Third, constitutionally, you can’t take benefits away from those who already have them. So, what will SotD do in pension reform? What’s left to do? Besides shaking his fist at the big, bad union bosses, what will he do? Why, he’ll conduct the business of the county, of course, with the aid of the rest of the goon squad and his public union employees. And Shawn won’t have to worry because his pension is completely paid for by you and me, unlike most county employees who have to pay from 11-16% of their salary into their own pensions. You might ask him about that county-paid-for car and that Optional Personal Benefit he will receive (at our expense) as well.

      1. 65? Naw, let them have it at 50. I mean, really let them have it! Defined contribution plans make better sense for taxpayers. Let them have DC. Let them contribute whatever portion of their paycheck they want to. Let them decide where and how to invest it. Let them take the risk. Let them reap the rewards of sound investment.

        1. What part of “constitutionally, you can’t take benefits away from those who already have them” didn’t you understand? There is no “re-negotiation” involved or possible. And, just FYI, I -like most of my peace officer friends won’t retire at 50. More like 60 and, for me, more like 62.

          1. Go BK then cut the pay 50%. They will all quit. Then, when the number of applicants equals the number open positions, you have priced out the possition correctly. It aint rocket science, it’s supply and demand.

        2. That’s the plan. The new hybrid system, if you have been paying attention, paves the way for a DC. And, again, since any future changes could be seen as “enhancements”, it would go to the voters and you can vote no if you like.

          1. The hybrid is optional, right? All new employees should have DC. And they should not retire ’til 62.5, minimum.

            I don’t know if OCPERS (rather than the County) can go bankrupt, but if so maybe a judge can get the taxpayers off the hook for the reckless promises of Spitzer, Coad, Wilson, Campbell, and the rest of the crew.

          2. Keep da Peace, are you implying that your unions spent $1,500,000 against Nelson for no reason? Really? Do you think anybody is dumb enuff to believe that?

            Maybe you do.

  20. The Gang of Five agreed to it. And Big John, SotD’s buddy, was right up there with it. Go figure….

    1. The OCEA Union spent $1.5M on Harry Sidhu and he lost. What a gamble–what a waste of YOUR money.

      If I was in the OCEA I would be PISSED at the boss Nick Berardino. He wasted lots of salaries down the toilet..and in this economy.

      If this was a private sector company that did this, the board would be calling for his resignation. Think about it….

      1. But $1.5 mil isn’t that much to the union thugs. That’s not even one pension. They’ll spend another $2 million before November.

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