Fullerton Unions Pick a Pack of Shameful RINOs

Today the first public employee union campaign signs went up across Fullerton. Predictably, the union is backing all three worthless RINOs: Don Bankhead, Pat McKinley and Roland Chi.

The public safety unions’ motives have always been clear to the observant. They will support the candidates who offer them the biggest return. What do the unions expect? More generous pay raises. More obscene benefits. More unsustainable pensions.  Multi-million dollar retirement packages. And more debt and taxes to pay for it.

Rookie draft complete. Now presenting the 2010 Union Dream Team

The unions have proven that they hold little regard for Fullerton taxpayers, as evidenced by their pension-driven destruction of Fullerton’s financial future for the benefit of a few public servants. They lobby for raises, pray on the emotions of the weak, and lie about future benefit costs all while complaining about their cushy jobs. When it’s time to negotiate with our empty-headed council, all of the union deceit comes together like a finely tuned machine. It’s sole purpose? To line their own pockets in exchange for the least amount of effort and accountability as possible.

What’s at stake? Bloated union paychecks.

How could the unions take so much from Fullerton’s conservative voter base? That’s easy.  For decades, Republican voters have been fooled in to electing spineless cowards who are afraid to stand up for taxpayers at their end of the bargaining table. They shrivel up in fear at the thought of going against the unions and offer nothing but endless excuses when their negligence is exposed.

It’s frightening, but it’s true. The unions are in it for themselves, taxpayers be damned. They won’t quit until we’ve been sucked dry, and they’ve found just the right candidates to do it. In 2010, it really is “us vs. them.”  Let’s bring some sanity back to this city.

22 Replies to “Fullerton Unions Pick a Pack of Shameful RINOs”

  1. The Unions picked the two old bald public pensioners without even thinking twice. Chi must have made a real special side deal with those goons to be selected as their man over the equally slimy Aaron Gregg.

  2. Will McKinley denounce this flyer never mind that he received the OCGOP blessings to endorse him?

    Now, it is on McKinley’s conscience.

  3. Pretty ironic. The cops endorse the one guy who plea-bargained with DNA by handing over the old genetic code. That’s funny!

    Self-interest over public safety! And there you have it, the FPOA Code of Ethics.

  4. The Fullerton Voters and Taxpayers SHOULD NEVER be at the mercy of the $100K Annual Salary Union Thugs Club.

    Wake up, Fullerton Residents!

  5. Chris Thompson and Janny Catlin Meyer did not receive or accept CSEA Union support….Bev Berryman and Aaruni Thakur were endorsed by the union.

    1. Unfortunately in Fullerton they are one and the same. Management gets the same pension juice the unions get and even has their own union.

      Lets vote for candidates that represent the taxpayers of Fullerton.

  6. totally tangential, but just saying, i know we all love the terms rino and repuglicanism, besides their wonderful auditory qualities and the caricatures associated with them, but isn’t this a sign of something? the republicans with any brains can see that that their representatives aren’t in fact representative of their beliefs, and the same holds true for a decent number of dems (thanks to this recession at least) who finally understand the need for responsible fiscal policy….so um, maybe we should be ditching both? politics in this country has been so bipolar and skewed and yet we’ve fought against a third party for so long, its really ridiculous that we cant get some balance. hell, screw parties altogether, you really think that it makes sense to ascribe to an entire platform of ideologies because you agree with a couple of issues? we have no control, and we discourage education of the general public by letting people who “in name only” supposedly represent our interests based on the few issues that people are generally concerned about. well, anybody interested in starting the sanity party? its called getting educated, getting loud, and holding ourselves and our leaders responsible for the world we create. thanks to ffff for at least being a voice of sensibility in the political muck.

  7. The term RINO to me is just a slap at a political party that values registration over principle. The RINOs are mostly just comical old former military or “public safety” goons; the real problem is with a hierarchy that that actively promotes clods like Bankhead and HeeHaw. Does that make a guy like Royce a RINO, too? I believe that answer is yes – and I have more loathing for the latter category than for the former.

  8. The term repuglican applies to self-proclaimed conservatives who use the government for their own enrichment. They have no interest in small government unless the concept can be used to make themselves some dough.

    Think Pringle and Lewis and you need go no farther.

    1. “McKinely is under FBI investigation lets chat”, saweet glow-in-the-dark iridescent baby Jebus, what’s the investigated about????

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