Fullerton Is Doomed!

Out here on Screech Owl Road, east of Twentynine Palms you can see things pretty clearly. Sometimes the heat causes shimmer mirages; sometimes the wind kicks up some devilish sand storms – the kind that can strip the chrome off your Hummer. But most of the time you get used to seeing a long way. Even as far away as my former home, Fullerton.

Pudding cups!
Banacek called. He wants his clothes back.

The City Council race of 2010 is already over. You will re-elect the brain dead sea cucumber known as Don Bankhead – pension spiker, staff stooge, abysmal decision maker. And you will also elect Pat McKinley – poster boy for pension abuse, supporter of the hideous Ackerwoman, repuglican de-jour, and yet another retired cop. And it won’t even be close.

Bankhead, Dick Jones, McKinley; please contemplate that triumverate of septuagenarian, lint-headed, RINO back washers and tell me why you aren’t in deep shit. Can anyone say gerontocracy?

In the two-year seat Bruce Whitaker has a chance, but let’s face it: he’s up against a bankrupt and a carpetbagging food poisoner. Really, I don’t see how he can pull it off.

Aw, none of those folks died...

Fullerton, the Education Community, has a special knack for electing the weak, the feeble-minded, the incomprehensible. Jeez, do I have to draw you a diagram? Molly McClanahan, Buck Catlin, Julie Sa, Peter Godfrey, HeeHaw Jones, Mike Clesceri, Leland Wilson, Pam Keller. This rougues gallery of incompetence even starts to make Jan Flory look good. Well, no, cancel that.

Yes, I believe you are doomed.

9 Replies to “Fullerton Is Doomed!”

  1. Desert Rat sounds negative, but unless we do something to educate voters about Bankhead’s real record he will get in again. Just remind everyone you know that Don Bankhead voted to spend $ 6 Million to move a McDonald’s 150 feet to the east.

  2. like the movie “waiting for superman” it aint happening until someone who doesn’t have their personal financial interests vested in this upcoming elelction steps up and demands the squandering of tax payers money cease being spent on redevelopment, remodeling, overtime, pensions and meaningless agencies that only serve those who work for them. those with a philosophical agenda to stop the polar ice caps from melting, creating equality with nanny-state like programs or putting their interpretation of the Bible into government detract from the pressing issue that we are in a jobless recovery historically known as economic depression and our civic leaders must be persons who see this and have pragmatic short and long-term plans to stop the bleeding out of our city’s coffer.

  3. The level of political analysis here is just amazing. So little about issues or ideas. So much about insults, and school-yard taunts.

    I mean, how about we talk about what a train wreck Shawn Nelson’s hair dye job is? I’m sure there are photos of Sebourne or Whitaker with goofy looks.

    This is why you get 5 people to show up at your events (not counting relatives).

    1. We could talk about your boy Assclown Sidhu wooing Democrats, desperately clinging to the (false) hope that someday he might grow up to be a real boy.

  4. Adams,

    I think voting to spend $ 6 million to tear down a McDonald’s and rebuild it a 150 feet away in order to facilitate the construction of a retail complex nobody wants is a solid reason to reject a candidate. Bankhead thinks he knows what is best for the city, but is hopelessly out of touch. His precious reserve is going to evaporate like urine on a downtown Fullerton sidewalk on a hot Sunday morning while the General Fund is starved of money diverted to a bogus expansion of our redevelopment area.

    Sorry folks! Instead of keeping up our infrastructure and paying for vital services we will have lots of redevelopment play money to make our favorite developers rich.

    22 years is too long in any office. If he hasn’t done whatever it is he set out to do yet, do you think he’s going to get it done now?

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