And Now For Some Good News! A Sunday Morning Essay

After reading the Desert Rat’s pithy and mordant post about the likelihood of having three antiquated and liberal repuglican geezers on the Fullerton City Council, I felt compelled to respond with my own message – a message of hope and good will to those who can only contemplate Ed Royce’s RINO triad with a sense of gorge-rising horror.

No, I will not dwell upon the morbid actuarial statistics for the American male. Rather I invite the Friends to contemplate, along with me, the New Reality. My grandfather Frank always admonished us to seek out the proverbial silver lining in bad news; and so we shall. The Economic Recession that has hit so many in the private sector, and that so far has barely affected the public sector at all, will, in 2011, deliver its overdue bill to government employees.

Can Obama keep cranking out money fast enough to preserve all the government jobs it has protected so far through the comically named American Recovery and Reinvestment Act? The answer to that is likely no. Not after the November election. And even if he could, California had received barely 10 billion through the end of the last fiscal year – not nearly enough to grease all the bureaucratic skids in our dysfunctional state at the various levels. The presses just can’t print that fast.

The chances of raising local taxes, like Don Bankhead did (and McKinley and Jones would have likely joined him) in 1993 seems dim. Nobody’s going to stand for it. Not even the ignoramuses who voted them in.

And this leaves us with the spectacle of the public employees fighting among themselves for their share of the diminishing fiscal pie. And to that I say: Amen! Competition is good. It causes us constantly to assess our priorities. It’s true that the cops and emergency service providers will have the advantage, standing, as they already do, at the head of the line. But will the public stand for library or park closures in order to fund these people? The RINO mantra of “public safety” can only take its chanters so far. Sooner or later reality demands a check.

And hovering in the back of the room, like the chorus in a Greek tragedy is the specter of municipal bankruptcy, Vallejo-style – the game changing possibility that all public administrators and employees should want to avoid like a plague. But the public may have reason to be more ambivalent about that prospect.

So cheer up!

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  1. English major, this has been the “secret weapon” which I have been counting on for many years (i.e. of sickeningly wasteful spending on phony “competitive” government employee salary increases). There is another “surprise” fix available and coming to the “public sector” soon too. But we can let the government “workers” get that message on another day.

    The Ed Royce RINOs will merely steal and kick back money favors to one another until we dump ALL of them from elective office.

  2. Amen. I can’t wait to watch these fools try to bail water out of a sinking barge. When the panic really sets in, they’ll they’ll start throwing each other overboard.

  3. “No, I will not dwell upon the morbid actuarial statistics for the American male.”

    Now that’s funny.

  4. revision, after deconstructing your wonderfully insightful essay, I found its message is government needs to cut the crap

  5. Sal Tinajero is making his Fullertion High speech and debate students walk for him in Santa Ana or he will flunk them. The teenage girls are terrified of being raped.

  6. So, what game changed for Vallejo by their filing for municipal bankruptcy? Has anything really changed? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

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