Fringe For All: Worst Vote of 2010

Inflamed, chartreuse mind-bubbling Jebus! The worst vote. Think of the horrible depths one has to plumb with one’s thumb to pull out this choice plum.

Here are your 2010 nominees:

A bad one for the road.

1. The Monument. On his way out the door, departing 4th District Supervisor Chris Norby paused long enough to cast a vote of approval for Janet Nguyen’s idiotic bequest of County slush funds to build some sort of Vietnam commemorative something in a Midway City pocket park. The price tag was $350,000, to be doled out to some sort of performing arts troupe. So when Norby finally got the chance to cast a freebie vote not to waste money, what does he do? He votes to waste it, big time.

It was big enough, but would it get off the ground?

2. The Megalopolis. The latest Downtown master plan (there’s a new one every five years just to keep the Redevelopment clowns busy) is a monstrously overbuilt plan that would essentially wipe out any lingering essence of authenticity in the place. Who voted to move this forward? The usual cast of zombies: Pam Keller, Don Bankhead and Heehaw Jones.

Man's gotta know his limitations...

3. The Coward. Newly sworn in ex-tough guy cop Pat McPension gets a nod here for what was only his second vote in office: to stick it to Sharon Quirk-Silva and vote for the geriatric pudding aficionado Don Blankhead as Mayor Pro Tem. Not only did he hand a giant F-U to a person whose endorsement helped get him elected, he showed his true mettle vis-a-vis the repuglican old guard, and stern stuff it was not. Poor McPension. He knows he can’t serve two masters, and he has made his choice. Too bad for the public.

4. Special Friend’s Choice. Feel free to nominate your favorite bad vote 2010, either in Fullerton or at the County. All offerings will be duly noted for Fringie consideration by the nominating committee!

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  1. What about Norby’s first vote in sac in support of Abel to become Lt. Governor? The vote was horrid!

    Or all the votes cast for Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley…

  2. You might argue that Bankhead is not senile and that McKinley’s not disqualified because his gigantic tit-sucking pension.

    But people actually voted for the food poisoner Chi without bothering to know about him. Or if they did, worse still.

    Bad Chi got thousands of votes from the Fullertonions. And that’s baaaaaad!

  3. FW’s right — Norby made some really bonehead decisions, presumably when he was drunk or hungover.

    I’d also suggest a general Lifetime Achievement category for any pol that voted a pension or salary increase to a public employee union. While the various governments try to fiddle their way through this until it’s ultimately BK time.

    1. Norby only made a few good votes in his 18 years. And some real poor ones too.

      I agree. What about Lifetime Achievement Fringie category so we can recognize a body of work. Bankhead, of course. And HeeHaw. Norby? he voted [email protected]!

      McClanahan should definitely be recognized for her contributions to unaccountable government. Jeez, she’s working on 30 years!

  4. hands down, I vote for the lollapalooza Megalopolis “o” Fullerton brought to us by keller(Goofy’s doppelganger), Bankhead and Jones(C’mom dick, bray like a donkey)

    1. Huntington Beach’s might come in second. Some of the locals are in an uproar as the City’s trying to turn their three block-long downtown into a shopping mall, including removal of the street parking. Dave Garafolo and Joe Carchio, the mayor in his pocket, surely has his fingers in this.

  5. Don’t forget Moorlach’s brand new End Homelessness 2020 commission voted by the supes, paid for by Rob Reiner. Why?

  6. What about Shawn Nelson signing up for a very generous pension and then crying mea culpa when his fat hand got caught in the cookie jar? If it wasn’t for the Voice of OC’s snooping, fat-boy would still have his gold plated pension. That makes Nelson not only a hypocrite, but a lying cunt as well.

  7. Keepin’ it local, the Fullerton Transportation Center Specific Plan. This is a plan that allows for the appointment of a “town architect” to oversee all of the development at the train station FOR THE NEXT FORTY YEARS! No Planning Commission review at all of the usual mix of crappy stucco box retail, housing, and offices at the expense of an already functional transportation station.

    Sharon Q-S had the wisdom to least suggest continuing the item to another meeting to consider the serious concerns expressed by Fullerton residents. A dozen people spoke out against the plan, while only Planning Commissioner Dave Musante offered lukewarm support. An abstention from Keller would have at least delayed the vote because there were only four seated council members at the time. Even Jones was open to continuing the item until Keller gave him a way out!

    Once again Pam Keller snatched defeat from the gaping jaws of victory with both hands, allowing Hee Haw and Bankheadasuarus to go ahead and cram it down our throats. A final, gigantic F-U from Rob Zur Schmiede and Air Head Keller up the backside of Fullerton for the next four decades.

    Worst Fullerton vote of 2010, easily! Zur Schiede is gone, gone, gone, a glorious Christmas wish come true, but the damage is done. Keller is out of office at last. Can’t wait until she runs for something else..,

    1. Please explain this “town architect” business. How can the City start waiving public hearings that are mandated in the MC? Did they actually institute an ordinance change?

      I have to admit I wasn’t paying attention.

      1. The Specific Plan already went through Planning, which approved the “form based code” idea for the whole thing. Originally that would have been all the public had to say, but enough people complained that they threw in an RDRC review for individual structures as they are developed. The plan allows the city to hire a town architect to oversee the whole thing.

    2. TFS, I understand how you feel about Keller’s bad vote, but to me the worst vote came from Fullerton’s retired Chief of Police Pat McKinley. I hope everyone paying attention to the ProTem selection saw what a coward McKinley really is. And he was a police chief, pathetic.

      Even worse was watching how nice he and the other two old geezers were trying to be at this last City Council meeting. It made me sick watch it.

  8. I nominate shawn nelson’s vote against coyote hill that cost thousands of jobs and tons of revenue for the city, all for NIMBY

    1. Here we go again. Sidhu apologist (or Sidhu himself) tries to invent facts to satisfy his myopic views. It just cant be that all this nonsense was tossed out in the campaign and no one bought it. But wait, no one did buy it.

      Sidhu got his ass kicked because HE was one of the worst candidates we have ever seen. His campaign was full of lies and his two supporters allowed this tool to destroy his reputation running in a place he didn’t live on issues he didnt understand or bother to learn.

      Now, desperado himself wants us to believe that not letting a landowner have any rezone they request actually kills jobs that never existed. Forget that 500 homes on the same site would be far more typical of the size and scope of the homes surrounding the land now used for oil exploration than the 760 planned. Sidhu would allow anything Chevron wants because he DOESN”T live here.

      Sidhu and the Pringle crew crapped all over the residents of Anaheim by cramming low income housing in all sorts of areas it did not belong. Sidhu was in the pockets of theses guys and he destroyed parts of Anaheim he also does not live in so his friends could make a fortune at the expense of flat land Anaheim. They also soundly rejected Sidhu because his outrageous ego and ignorance were all he offered.

      How well is Anaheim doing with all the supposed jobs “created” by allowing the low income monstrosities around west Anaheim? If you are having as much trouble finding them as me it’s because they dont exist.

      Meanwhile, the actual businesses that were thriving and moving commerce around the Anaheim stadium area? Oh ya, Sidhu voted to purposely kick them out for good and now the area looks like Hiroshima. Killing a job that exists is hard to hide. No speculation is required to look at the before and after photos and understand the worst friend of local business in North Orange County was Sidhu and his crew.

  9. You bet your ass Whitaker voted for the Transportation Center. Why else would I spend over $50k on Whitaker’s campaign and pass up quintupling the value of my properties along the railroad?

    1. Sorry fake Tony. I had and have my own plans for my property. And it doesn’t include Doktor Zur Schmiede’s Elixir of Happiness Master Plan.

  10. hollis, all u did was attack sidhu when i didnt even mention him, the only excuse u gave for nelson was that the home density was a little high, cmon get with the times, so cal isnt gonna get any less crowded and those jobs could of helped out at a really tough time. Face it your god child sold out republican values for some NIMBYS, whats that word u guys always use, oh yeah Repuglicanism

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