The Few, the Proud, the Fringe: And The Fringie Goes to….

Worst Vote 2010. For sheer, wasteful incompetence you’ve really got to hand it to Chris Norby. The judges were horrified by the deed. Politicians get so few chances to do the right thing without fear of reprisal of some sort. And when confronted with the opportunity to tell Janet Nguyen to take her stupid memorial and shove it up her Midway City, Norby gave her a big, wet $350,000 kiss. Ugh.

You want a monument?

Best Image of 2010. Was there ever any doubt? The selection committee didn’t even pause for another bong rip. You knew, too, didn’t you. Here it is:

The assclownery was complete. The deal was done. The ink was dry.

Engaging Political Mailers. This one was tough and the committee labored long and hard. And by long and hard I mean, hello bankrupt Aaron Gregg; and good-bye to any chance of winning anything:

Well, there goes the campaign. Too many consonants in all the wrong places!

Best Campaign Sign. Another no-brainer for the selection committee who by now was totally fried. In a year of outstanding campaign sign outstandatude, one entry blew the others away. And you you knew it was coming, dintcha? Bad Chi. Bad, bad Chi!

Roland's cookie toss.

Wackiest Political Stooge of the Year. Yep, the dark horse took the bait and takes the brass ring. And by brass ring I mean a coveted Fringie. And by dark horse I mean the nominee originally set up just to round out the field. The humorless, brain-washed oddball 4sd Observer, re-emerged to remind us all of the hollow Sham that was Pam and the various cretins who actually bought into her scam and continue to defend it.

Is your weiner a Collabricorn?

Most Embarrassing Political Endorsement. Hopefully you caught on by the time you reached the end of the squalid list. And if u dint u r not 2 brite. All these miscreants, dingbats, and airheads endorsed the same bozo – Hairball Sidhu. And he in turn was only too eager to publicize their support. And that means they all deserved each other – a way down there at the bottom of the slimy well.

Well, there goes the wet dream!

Worst Political Candidate. Yes, Hairbag Sidhu is an inveterate office-seeking, perjuring assclown. Lorraine Galloway is a blithering idiot. But neither of them actually poisoned anybody. Neither had to give their DNA to the DA to dodge a stay at Theo Lacy; neither’s old man was busted, in flagrante delicto, stealing campaign signs. And so the winner must be obvious. It was to the committee. Cue Roland Chi theme song.

Spit and acquit. I did!

The Committee believed it would be remiss without recognizing special contributors to the North OC Scene, and so it deemed Special Fringies to be in order. here they are:

The 2010 Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or to Cry Special Fringie goes to this collection of crooks and scammers who seem to understand the bathos of the June 2010 election night situation. All except the buffoon in the middle, of course, who seems to find the whole thing humorous:

What went wrong?

The 2010 Do As I Say Not As I Do Special Fringie Hypocrisy Award goes to none other than Matthew J. Cunningham, who rails about big government and nanny states, as well as all the other repuglican moralistic bugaboos, but who actually makes his living, such as it is, on the government crumbs his ‘pug bosses brush off their table. In 2010 we busted this fine, upstanding “conservative” gentleman for being the publicist of the Rob Reiner tax-and-redistribute OC Children and Families Commission where he was making $200 an hour handing out toothbrushes, listening to the radio, having lunch with Steve Greenhut, writing op-ed pieces for Democrats, and even filing his obscene invoices in his garage (Suite C) file cabinet.

Suddenly all of his previous behavior made a lot more sense.

It really paid off. For a while.

Best New Phrase of Invective 2010. The judges weren’t even going to award this Special Fringie in 2010. And then just last week one of the Friends coined this sparkling gem: Fullertonions. Was it intentional? Was it just a typo? The judges didn’t give a damn. The term just seems so right to describe the dismal, vegetative state of an electorate that would elevate fellow vegetables Pat McPension and Don Blankhead. And onions make you cry.

Best Hope for Fullerton’s Future. This Special Fringie goes to Bruce Whitaker and Chris Thompson, two dudes who seem to get it. In two years you will have a chance to build on these 2010 success stories. Will you? Or will you let the onions have a free ride?

Well, Friends, them there’s your 2010 Fringies. It’s been one helluva a year for you Fullertonions down there, and all I can say is you got what you deserved. But what do I know? I’m just a deceased canine and just damn glad to be up here in Dog Heaven.

16 Replies to “The Few, the Proud, the Fringe: And The Fringie Goes to….”

  1. Fullertonions originally coined by Pam Keller (see mid-December 2010 Fullerton Observer) This is Keller’s direct quote“Enough is enough” and really begin
    to listen to one another and their
    ideas; really begin to converse rather
    than talk over one another and truly
    begin to work together in a respectful
    manner. I am hopeful that
    Fullertonians will work to rebuild
    the kinship that has slowly been
    eroded by nasty elections, rude
    videos and anonymous blog comments.” excerpt from Keller’s retirement from public office speech

  2. though she only makes oblique references to FFFF, Pam Keller is consumed by FFFF accurate reports about her. why does Pam abhor honesty?

  3. Kinship?

    It wasn’t FFFF that kept Pamela from becoming mayor last year.

    And there you have the sad, myopic world of the Fullertonion Boohoo.

  4. How do you know Sidhu never poisoned anybody? Did you check the health records in his various fast food joints?

    Still, you’ve got to hand it to Chi. He excelled in so many different criminal enterprises.

  5. Wow!! Getting an award from a group of moron cowards.

    I have the same mixed emotions I would have if my mother in law drove off a cliff in a new Ferrari.

    BTW, I defended Pam Keller because your attacks against were and continue to be personal. You have every right to disagree with her policy decisions.

    Your personal attacks against me only verified that belief given that your arguments lacked (and continue to lack) any merit.

    1. Consistent to the end!

      FFFFs attacks against Keller were very factual. And you never refuted any of them.

      Naughty girl.

    2. Holy 10WD-40 Jebus. Our Weiner! Right on cue still humorless and still completely devoid of intelligence.

      In other words a Monument to the Keller Regime.

    3. 4SD Observer, please explain how the X-portation Center monster comports with Keller’s promises to her supporters in 2006.

      Oh! That’s right. You can’t.

      I’m almost sorry Keller didn’t run again so we could help any campaign against her.


  6. The Fringies: Where the winners are the losers! Thanks for putting on the show. I will look forward to it every year.

  7. You should really think about a press conference so Chris can make his speech. But then we would have to have some press to attend it.

  8. Thanks for the memories…good and bad …thanks for the laughs, thanks for the truth, sometimes the truth hurts but I suppose that is life, and now, more than ever, thank you for freedom of speech for the bloggers and the commenters!

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