Pringle Ethics Probe. Break Out The Scanning Electron Microscope!

Uh, oh. More bad news for Anaheim’s outgoing Mayor-for-Hire, Curt Pringle. An FPPC investigation into foreign junkets by the California High Speed Rail crew.

Pringle declared all the gifties large and small from Europe’s socialist governments that are hoping to sell the CHSR good jobs that Americans are too stupid to do.

But the rest of Pringle’s gang at CHSR may not have been so diligent, especially the Golden horde of consultants, yes men, and PR tools Pringle & Co. have brought on board their choo-choo.”Record keeping lapses” unintentional? More hilarity to follow.

From the Register, yesterday.

8 Replies to “Pringle Ethics Probe. Break Out The Scanning Electron Microscope!”

  1. SEM – nice touch.

    I don’t care if you do break out the Scanning Electron Microscope. Nobody will ever discover a particle of ethics in the vicinity of Pringle. There aren’t any.

  2. admin, Pringle may have declared this stuff on his own forms, but the HSR is supposed to be keeping track too – and Pringle is the boss. Failure.

  3. Thanks for highlighting these corrupt actions by Mr. Pringle.

    Now, just to save time, could you please leap forward and identify for us who will get the bribe or payoff in order to ensure that Mr. Pringle is NEVER charged or otherwise held to account for this corruption in the performance of his public duties?

    Will it be T-Rack the phony District Attorney?

    1. AG’s office was supposed to be dealing with the incompatible offices thing, and they just stalled until he was off OCTA and about to be off Mayor’s seat, so they do not have to go after him. I do not expect anything less from FPPC. Sigh.

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