A Little Posturing for a Parcel Tax in Fullerton?

This video is from the South Pasadena School District.  Fullerton School District Superintendent Mitch Hovey felt that this was a good enough example of how a school district could “send a message to Sacramento” to present it at the FSD School Board meeting the other night.  Enjoy the manipulation of children by the same mindless fools who put our current legislature in office.  You should have seen the FSD employees and most of the board members smiling and bopping their heads to the music.

Incidentally, South Pasadena passed a $120/year parcel tax last year.  

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  1. It looks like PTA was involved. I wonder how much classroom time they wasted making the video. It was because of crap just like that which caused me to send my kinds to private school.

  2. Greg, that time wasn’t wasted. It helped the bureaucratic educators take at least $120 from each property owner in Pasadena. That’s a pretty good return on investment if you’re trying to raise a flock of future big-government welfare dependents.

  3. Oh, and I’m glad that at least one intellegent person is attending those school board meetings. Thank you Chris, whoever you are.

  4. Hovey wants a parcel tax, that’s for sure. What a great way to get fiscal conservatives to the polls. Thanks in advance!

  5. Lived in South Pasadena long time ago. South Pasadena can well afford 120 dollar parcel tax, Fullerton can’t afford it. I’m not being a snooty-toot; Fullerton has more low income neighborhoods than South Pasadena.

  6. Just a nice touch! Complements of Wikipedia.

    It is funny how on the Troy high site they have a “Academic Honesty” policy for the students, it is understandable.
    Then they have the “just do Right” policy for students.
    “The Just Do Right
    program will help our athletes understand that the way you win is
    just as important as the win”.

    Then you have the teachers at the school back biting each other, never mind the “Academic progress” and so called supportive staff. Then you have teachers (male) who dislike interacting with adults and just love to hang out with the teenage students socially.
    I have friends who worked in prisons and as time went by they acquired a “prisoner mentality” in their manners and personality. It is normal!

    It is normal that many of these “teachers” “Staff” start acting like the very students in manners and attitude they start to get too “Chummy”.
    Is it any wonder that these two Vice principals were just too chummy?

    This issue about racial slurs is just the drop in the bucket and how many other times did they allow this to go on and how many lies did they create to get and keep their jobs.
    These two are just the beginning, how many other teachers and staff are scr*wing off and acting like the teenagers they were hired to “guide” and set and example of “Honesty”.
    How many others are covering up the teachers who love young teenage girls adulation while at home the “wife” castrates him.
    There is more going on than academics.

    Racial Comments by School Administration

    In March of 2010, an employee at Troy High School came forward with comments that had taped over 18 months, which contained racially insensitive comments made by Troy High School administration officials against minority faculty members and students. After an investigation into the matter by district officials, vice principals Dr Janine Van Poppelin and Joseph D’Amelia were placed on unpaid leave as a result of the investigation. On March 15th, at the Fullerton Joint Unified School Systems board meeting, both Van Poppelin and D’amelia were recommended for “release” effective June 30, 2010. [7]

  7. Actually, we passed a $288/year parcel tax last year and it was a squeaker. The video did not eat into any classroom time whatsoever and was produced by parents (on our own time and on our own dime) who are just as fed up with the dysfunction in Sacramento as anyone. The state’s systemic problems will take time to remedy. In the meantime, public education in CA is in decline. Parcel taxes are a mere band aid — a temporary effort to keep class size down, arts and music in the classroom and our school libraries open. The parents and children who made this video are very fortunate to able to afford a little extra in taxes for the next four years and see the parcel tax as a reasonable temporary solution to a very messed up funding system. The November 2010 ballot will contain an initiative to change the two thirds majority vote requirement to pass a state budget. (CA is currently one of three states clinging to the antiquated two thirds vote requirement.) This ballot initiative is a start, but CA has a long way to go if our kids are to be well prepared to successfully compete in the global market place. We are just doing what we can to give our kids a fighting chance. Shaping a new generation of activists during the making of this video was just the icing on the cake. . . and that cake, by the way, is definitely not for sale.

    1. “and see the parcel tax as a reasonable temporary solution to a very messed up funding system.”

      I think you meant to say permanent.

  8. Deb, you can’t expect change if you keep feeding the beast. Be sure to come back next year and let us know how it works out.

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