Bruce Whitaker Responds: Game On!

Sez Bruce

Over the week-end we received an e-mail from none other than Fullerton Council candidate, Bruce Whitaker. It seems Bruce wanted to respond to a couple of rather pessimistic posts by our bloggers The Desert Rat and English Major. Here’s what Whitaker had to say:

Subject: Game On!

I’ve been reading some posts and comments here that are “doom and gloom” regarding Fullerton’s future.  And while there are many reasons for concern, there are solutions.

Taxpayers/residents/small business owners and those (and there are many) who support rational public policy, objective decisions and open, ethical government:  There is still time to put your shoulder to the wheel of my campaign!

If you believe and lament that the outcome of this election is already decided . . . I submit that now more than ever, you should consider helping me to attain a seat on the Fullerton City Council.

Even if we do not agree on every issue, you should consider voting for me for the following reasons:

I believe that a councilmember should ensure openness; invite public input; demand fair and thorough deliberations and hearings; avoid conflicts; continuously conduct independent research and exercise due diligence that would keep him/her fully informed and prepared regarding items coming before the City Council.

Your councilmember should be available, be a good listener and treat the public with respect. A good City Council represents the people in the process, not the agendas of special interests which would work to the detriment of the people.

You can be assured that I will “speak up” when confronted with unethical, harmful or wasteful acts in our city government while representing you as a member of the Fullerton City Council.

Please visit my website for a closer look at my candidacy –
and review Fullerton Planning Commission meetings which are archived on the City of Fullerton website.

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