Aaron Gregg Wriggles Out From Under His Taxes with a Quick Bankruptcy

When you put your name on the ballot, you’re asking voters to trust you with hundred million dollar budgets and the power of a government office. Therefore, it is a duty of the public to make sure that each candidate is qualified to handle this burden of responsibility. Anybody with a financial history that cannot stand up to basic scrutiny should not put themselves out in front of the voters.

On that note, Aaron Gregg should not be running for Fullerton City Council.

Okay, creditors to the back of the line!

You see, attorney Aaron Charles Gregg filed for a $107,000 bankruptcy about 10 years ago, discharging over $75,000 in federal and state back taxes and $30,000 in other debts to individuals and businesses, all while claiming $8,000 a month in income from his business.

View the bankruptcy filing

It’s all laid bare in these papers that were filed in federal bankruptcy court, which show that Aaron Gregg neglected to pay his taxes for most of the years from 1992 through 1998. When the debt piled up, he hired an attorney and let it all go.

Among the more curious items in the filings, Aaron Gregg listed assets of $25 dollars cash, $200 in clothes, $75 wrist watch and some office supplies. Times must have been tough for this professional attorney of 21 years. Fortunes were about to change, however, when he realized that he would be able to dump his debt but keep his leased $5,000 Savin copier. I bet that will come in handy some day.

I'll need that when I run for city council.

The documents also show that halfway through the bankruptcy process, Aaron Gregg discovered that he might also owe money to a family in San Pablo City, Philippines. What could that be for? Well they’re never going to vote in Fullerton. Might as well get rid of that debt too.

It was a bad investment.

In the end, it looks like Aaron was able to dump over $100,000 owed to nine different creditors, two of which were government agencies. When the tax man doesn’t get his revenue, guess who gets to make up for it? That’s right, you and me. And somehow I have a feeling that Aaron Charles Gregg made it out of this financial mess and has been doing just fine ever since. But that’s no reason for him to think he’s a valid candidate to run our city.

On second thought, Aaron’s keen ability to get himself out of unwieldy financial commitments may come in handy when it’s time for Fullerton to escape our massive redevelopment and pension debts. But it’s probably safer to just call him in as a consultant.


28 Replies to “Aaron Gregg Wriggles Out From Under His Taxes with a Quick Bankruptcy”

  1. This article is of great service to Fullerton voters.

    I would also very much appreciate it if you could ensure that Mr. Gregg is made aware of this posting and invited to respond and/or explain his actions (and also confirm, deny, explain the Redevelopment Agency money payments made to him, as mentioned in the comments above).

    This article is very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hey everyone be nice. I’m sure this was just an isolated incident…. that developed over the course of seven years.

  3. And he didn’t think this issue would come up during the campaign? What Hutzpah! If I’m not mistaken an old bankruptcy sank an incumbent council member a few years ago too…

  4. I’m glad to see this come to light. Mr. Gregg has screwed a lot of people over the years. I personally know of three or four of them myself. Maybe they will come forward.

  5. Does this guy have a shot in Fullerton anyway? Wouldn’t this be like saying Richard Faher of Placentia filed for BK back in the Norby v. Ackerman race?

    This guy is a nobody.

    1. I don’t know. He has a lot of signs, a pretty website and the support of a few ‘pugs like Dick Ackerman. He might have a shot.

      Strike that. He might of had a shot yesterday.

  6. He must have a few bucks left because he managed to give to both Linda Ackerman and Harry Sidhu. Some kind of weird carpetbagger fetish?

  7. Just last night I came across another person who Gregg attempted to screw. On of the few lucky ones who escaped his sliminess.This guy is a legendary reamer. The coincidence of shafting so many different people that I know is just mind boggling.

  8. Gregg is a good guy that at least put his positions in writing.

    You know, you don’t throw a whole life away just ’cause he’s banged up a little.

    Give him a chance to prove he can do the job.

    1. Throw a life away?

      Huh? We’re just questioning the wisdom of putting this chucklehead in a position of public trust.

  9. Yes, let’s give this guy one more chance to screw as many people as he can before he is run out of town by a pitchfork-wielding mob.

  10. I personally had business dealings with this guy. I found him to be unreasonable, picky on small points and unwilling to listen to the other side. Worst of all – he never answered phone calls. He wore you down by by not engaging. This is very difficult guy to do business with.

  11. Try to find one person in Fullerton who has met Aaron Gregg and can stand him. You can’t. The guy drips slime… always has always will.

    But hey… if you put your name on a bunch of signs maybe people who don’t know you will vote for you.

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