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  1. What it really comes down to for me is who is going to do the best job. If it was as simple as where you live then I guess you guys have the right logic. Harry has my vote simple decision.

    1. Granny, can you name three things Harry has done for Anaheim?

      When you’re done listing the NFL and Suncal I bet you’ll be hard pressed to come up with number three!

    1. The fact he employs over 200 people in Orange County and his past record of making a few smart moves to save the Anahiem tax payers money. If you recall the NFL tried to purchase a lot for 50 million and Harry went against it and made sure they got what it was worth 215 million. He has proven his value to me and many others in the community. DAMN the NFL I do wish we got the team and they weren’t cheap blood sucking bastards! I think the team was going to be called the Waves, Harry saved you from having the gayest NFL team name in the league lol

      1. There’s only one problem here Granny Warrior –
        Harry’s real residence is outside of of the 4th district. A politician who registers to vote at a place that is not his residence is fraud and can be charged with a felony.

        The “whoppers” they have in jail are different than the ones at Burger kings. At least Ackerwomans husband Dick re-registered and pretended he moved into the Dolans fake “granny flat”.

      2. GW, wsince you seem to know so much about Harry, where’s Harry’s daughter going to school Savana or Canyon?

        Or is the new story (lie) Harry’s separated from his wife?

  2. Last time that sign came out, a virtually unknown candidate polled with very high negatives. Strange.

    She never recovered and I doubt she ever will.




  4. What about Lorri Galloway? Why not put them both on a single sign to make the point that carpetbaggers are not welcome in this district, no matter their party?

  5. Oh man what are you guys a bunch of caronies Nelson is backed by Schroeder? Hey Darth douche bag how is that recall going you fagler? Is that you Skywalker?

    1. Come on now, Granny Constituent, you can’t condemn a guy just because one person who you don’t like supprts him (well you can, but it looks sort of extreme).

      For instance we don’t go after Harry Sidhu because Mr. So and So supports him. We go after him because he really lives in Anaheim Hills and is “renting’ a voter registration address in a scum-bag apartment out on Lincoln Avenue that I wouldn’t let Jan Flory’s Dog stay at.

      His candidacy is base on a lie. And that’s no way to start a political campaign.

  6. “a scum-bag apartment out on Lincoln Avenue that I wouldn’t let Jan Flory’s Dog stay at.”

    Jeezis H. Rin Tin Tin, that place is a dump. And not a single tree to lift my leg on. I wouldn’t stay there for a single night – and I died 25 years ago!

  7. I am no more extreme than you guys are now come on Ha ha. I looked into this further… I have seen you guys expose some pretty legit stuff so I comend you for that.

    I actually think this is pretty hilarious the more I look into it. Harry probably lived 5-20 minutes out of the district zone to qualify that is just shitty luck lol… It does appear he followed the law by obtaining a residence in the required zone but you are justified in calling him a carpetBagger so +1 for FFFFF.

    What I am not showing is any proof of a lie? If you have evidence that you can show me where he lied then you are justified in bashing. The fact of the matter he is already a member of the Anahiem city council. Involved in the community and a successful business owner. I don’t think he needs much more for my vote.

    The problem with Nelson is number 1 he is a lawyer and 2 he has aligned with Mike Schroeder. I can not stand what either of those things respresent. The politcal RINO’s and the Carona apologists are scum and we need to shut down the political machine.

    None of the candidates are stellar but as for now Harry is the best fit IMO. More people will go against Nelson and back Sidhu just because of that affiliation I am one of them.

    1. Show you evidence of a lie? Good grief, man, are you nuts? Do think Harry is going to live, alone, in that crappy pink aprtment next to the pool hall for the next four-and-a-half months?

      Business owner? Great. Anaheim councilman. terrific. Resident of the 4th Supervisorial District. Horse shit.

    2. It’s a lie alright. Harry won’t spend a single night in the Calabria tenement. Seriously, Granny, are you insane?

    3. Dear “Constituent”,

      The following is from yesterday’ Daily News (Times covered it as well) regarding Richard Alarcon in Los Angeles who is facing FELONY charges for non other than saying he lives in one place when he actually lives in another. Since Harry doesn’t even have the smarts to fake that he moved he my want to try real hard to get Rackacaus to sign off on this first.

      “The Los Angeles County district attorney has opened an investigation to determine whether Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon illegally claimed a Panorama City house as his residence, officials said today.

      Investigators with the D.A.’s Public Integrity Division served a search warrant Tuesday at a house on Nordhoff Street where Alarcon is registered to vote. The house is owned by Alarcon’s wife, Flora Montes de Oca, and is in his 7th Council District.

      Another warrant was served at a second house owned by the councilman’s wife in the nearby neighborhood of Sun Valley. That house is in the 2nd Council District represented by newly elected Councilman Paul Krekorian.

      David Demerjian, head deputy of the integrity division, said his office had received a complaint that Alarcon was living in a residence outside of his district. A politician who registers to vote at a place that is not his residence can be charged with a felony, Demerjian said.”

      You see constituent, it actually is and lie and ILLEGAL to say you live somewhere when in fact you do not and you run for office based upon that factual misrepresentation.

  8. At least galloway actually seems to be living in the district, even tho’ she may be violating the Anaheim Municipal Code.

    1. Yeah…Lorri is that dumb. She rents something in the District, which is not zoned (according to public records reflecting zoning, not utilities) for residence use. But what makes you think she lives there? Notice in her responce to Liberal OC she did not say she lived there, only that she moved her furniture in, hosted family events, and had hosted meetings there. But even she does not say “mike and I sleep there every night”….

  9. Ah Hell, you boys print those signs and I may very well have to write you a check. I’d wash my pen afterward, but i’d write the check.

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