Would You Trust This Guy to Spend Your Money?

Dick Jones  can’t seem to understand that it is ILLEGAL to expand Redevelopment for the bogus reasons he babbles about. “Blight” must exist in order to legally expand Redevelopment, and it doesn’t exist. This clip is 7 minutes long, but it’s well worth the watch.

9 Replies to “Would You Trust This Guy to Spend Your Money?”

  1. I would like to “mandate” a “category” of a $100 property tax from the OC Tax Assessor’s office courtesy of Mr. Dick Jones for all “moderate” residents in the city of Fullerton.

  2. This Jones fellow is a real piece of work, I can’t believe what I heard, somebody please tell me this a joke?

  3. By the way Dr. Dick, dont sweat the jacket that the other male council members always wear but whats with the short sleeve shirt and tie? Let me guess, you are wearing white patent leather shoes with that outfit right? Dark almost knee high socks with bermuda shorts?

    Get with the program would you. You are at a council meeting AS ONE OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS!

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