Will Rosie Run? Or is It Just Bad Posturing?


Rosie addresses the Boys in the Back (of the) Room; Will they hear her?
Rosie addresses the Boys in the Back (of the) Room; Will they hear her?

Is La Habra city councilwoman Rose Espinosa going to run for County Supervisor? Apparently she has made an “intent to run” filing – the first step in the campaign process. At this early junture it may be too soon to tell if she is serious or merely posturing – going for a deal with County Dems and union honchos. 

Will Rosie Straighten Up County Government?
Does Rosie Want To Straighten Up County Government, or Is It All Just Bad Posturing?
Her entry into the 4th District fray in 2010 to replace our Sopoforic Supervisor would certainly have an impact. As a liberal Democrat she would immediately cut into Tom Daly’s base, especially in blue collar La Habra. She might even be able to attract more militant union support (although it didn’t do her any good against Norby in 2006). Daly certainly can’t be happy about any of this, especially if Lori Galloway were to get in as well. We still wonder cyber-aloud whether or not Pam Keller and Sharon Quirk may not have experienced premature endorsolation with Daly – showing up at his coming out party, and all.

All of this seems like excellent news for Fullerton’s own Shawn Nelson. A split Democratic vote means that  the Dems will end up going after each other – not him in the primary, and, who knows, a solid Republican candidacy might get 50% +1.

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  1. Good observations, however since the race is nominally non-partisan Espinsosa could end up getting north County votes Nelson needs to counter-balance the fact that he is relatively unknown in Anaheim.

    On balance I though, I have to agree that her candidacy would be good for Nelson and bad for Daly.

    You’re also right that the whole thing couod just be a pantomime to wangle some sort of concessions out of Daly.

  2. Deja, hardly likely you read “the same” anaysis. Over at that Red Clownty blog they’re not allowed to write about how John Lewis is endorsing the Democrat Daly, for instance.

    We don’t present “news” like the boy reporter at Red Clownty. We merely reflect upon it. Hence we don’t look like hypocrites when we filter it to appease our old boss. Get it?

  3. Also, at Red Klownty you’re not allowed to put the name Shawn Nelson in the same sentence with the phrase “solid Republican candidacy”.

  4. And another thing. At Red Klownty you get your comments deleted and you’re banned if you call Mr. Jerbil a gutless rodent.

  5. Just curious but are there any Democrats in the 4th District that have a real job in the private sector (real would exclude lobbyist)? Every candidate I hear about from that party for the Supervisor seat either worked for the government or is in some capacity of working for what looks like the government but is merely a social agency funded by the government.

    Is there any where left for the normal hard working people to go in the political party system? From where I sit the answer is no.

  6. It does make you wonder, Rip. And look at Norby now. he’s so used to sucking at the taxpayer teat that he needs to run for Clerk – even though he doesn’t have a nickle’s worth of experience or ability to manage anything.

    At least Shawn Nelson has a job.

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