Who Should Be Fullerton’s Next Mayor? Pam Keller?

it's really just a little wood hammer...
it's really just a little wood hammer...

The recent edition of the Fullerton Observer did some boohooing and hand wringing about whether or not Pam Keller will get to be Fullerton’s next mayor here . The little article points out some of the nefarious goings on in Fullerton Past and the current council’s refusal to adopt some sort of mechanism to ensure that everybody gets a chance to be mayor.

We believe the person who should be Mayor of Fullerton is the person who can get two other colleagues to vote for him/her. That’s pretty simple. If they can count to three it’s their turn.

Fullerton’s lefties know that come reorganization time (1st meeting in December) local Repuglican bigwigs like Ed Royce make it a point to lean on fellow Repugs (In Name Only) like Bankhead and Jones to keep the gavel away from the Dems. But that’s the way it goes. It’s called politics. Fullerton’s “progressives” like to play politics too, but they just won’t admit it. We wonder if they would be so energetic in the defense of Shawn Nelson’s turn to be mayor.

Is Pam Keller qualified to be mayor? Well, let’s face it – if Jones and Bankhead can do it, so could an orangutan.

Yes. Yes I can...
Yes. Yes I can...

But we’re still waiting to get some straight answers from Pam and her Collaborative about who foots their bills, and why the money is drip-dried through the FSD; and we were chagrined, although not surprised, to hear her inane defense of the indefensible blight scam behind the recent Redevelopment expansion vote. So maybe she isn’t the best person to be the face of Fullerton.

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  1. she needs to step down and put her silly girl ego aside now! let Shawn takeover as he is about the only one with a like of sense…

  2. She’s got ’til December to answer questions, such as – did developers contribute to the Collaborative? Did she give herself a raise? Why is she laundering receipts through the school district?

    If she comes clean she should be mayor. it’s not like the job requires a rocket scientist – Jones did it!

  3. Well, she called me up and I gave her Collaborative money. But she wouldn’t take my $ for her campaign.

  4. Shawn Nelson should offer Pam his vote for Mayor IF she opens up the Collaborative’s books so we can see if she is clean.

  5. why do we the people give immoral people like pam keller so much power and loyalty? she is a liar and a cheat, and people are merely content to debate whether she should be appointed fullerton’s mayor.

    1. sha na na not bull :
      why do we the people give immoral people like pam keller so much power and loyalty? she is a liar and a cheat, and people are merely content to debate whether she should be appointed fullerton’s mayor.

      Now hang on… Although things aren’t looking too good for Pam at the moment (her silence is deafening), FFFF has opened the door for her to explain herself. Despite the fact that she has yet to do so, FFFF hasn’t labeled her a “liar” or a “cheat” — yet.

  6. only SILLY GIRL Pam knows the real truth! and we can only see the facts that have been made public so far… until she comes 100% clean we will never know the real truth on the depth’s of deceit that Chicago Pam Keller sunk down to? Would a grand jury investagation help? If so I will be the first to go and plead for one. Let me know if that’s a pipe dream? If my grand jury investigation is not just wishful thinking, let’s move forward and force out the truth about Pam Keller!

  7. Did anyone catch the end of last night’s council meeting? Pam put up a very poor attempt to convince the council to “let the people decide who should be mayor”.

    Bad timing on Pam’s part, since Quirk was absent. The Republicans hung her up with an awkward silence.

    1. What on Earth does that mean? This woman has really become annoying.

      Did she explain to “the people’ why she took money from Steve Sheldon the Jefferson Commons pimp?

      Bet not!

  8. #11, I saw that pathetic whining at the end of the council meeting.

    First, it is not classy to complain about not getting something you want for YOU when you are a politician. If your supporters believe you have a legit gripe THEY will make it for you. Its like a team being left out of the college football championship game and the Coach is complaining. The coach looks like a whining ninny. If, on the other hand, the press and the radio types make the case for the team, the coach looks classy and the message gets out.

    Pam, if you have to be the one complaining about it you are making a great case as to why the others should not support you.

    Which brings me to the second issue. Obviously partisanship is NOT the issue when it comes to Pam. Bankhead and Nelson have both proven they will back a democrat for mayor. Why Pam feels she can not get three votes probably boils down to how well Pam has conducted herself around the small group of people she is asking to lead. My bet is (and I would be willing to put some cash on this) that neither Bankhead, Nelson or Jones have experienced Pam being willing to work with them on anything they have wanted. Now that she wants something from them, it must be that they are hardened partisans, not that she hasnt earned their vote.

  9. She’s desperate. Getting that mayor title is the only hope she has for re-election next year. She’s going to need that ballot designation to beat all the poo that’s going to hit her next year. Bye bye, Pam.

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