The Sunday Drive: A Heap O’ Trouble In Vegas and Links To Milblogs

3 days of blogging gluttony in Las Vegas
3 days of blogging gluttony in Las Vegas

Okay, we’re giving you a lot of good links in this post. Click on ’em all.

Right now the Divine Miss K is listening to French Radio on Pandora. She’s also wondering if it in any way is connected to this weird dream about people smoking cigars. Hack hack….phooooo

Yes, it’s confirmed. Courtesy of the most testosterone driven milbloggers at Blackfive, the Divine Miss K will be in Las Vegas at Blog World Expo. She’ll also be visiting her time-to-time haunt over at the Blogcritics. It’ll be a chance to pick up some work, meet a bunch of fellow bloggers, and see which tech companies are folding in on one another.

Learn more about it at the Divine Miss K’s Milblog, The Kitchen Dispatch, by clicking the icon on the sidebar. Btw… The Kitchen Dispatch was named “the best milspouse blog going” by no less than BabaTim of the excellent Afghanistan Blog Free Range International. The two blogs are the yin and yang of war.

Side rant: For a long time now, that other paper has run death stats of the wars in their paper. Though they are stats we in the milcommunity should and do keep in mind, they have, like many,  boiled it down to this one sad, but true aspect. War is horrible. The many issues and people involved are deep and complex. But given the source, it’s par for their course. Though J. Dobrer’s August column was well intentioned, it’s also served as a reminder of the same elitism, snobbery and odd-distancing that has long entrenched this burg. He was surprised to be moved when he saw the ghost of the Twin Towers, though how anyone would not be is beyond my comprehension.  I traveled there after a friend lost her husband in the horror. Let’s just say… I will never forget those crowds, the feeling of being pushed, the lights, the sounds, the smell and the finality of it all. And when I was there this summer,  the effect was no less.

9/11 Memorial On A Fence In Chelsea (NYC)
9/11 Memorial On A Fence In Chelsea (NYC)

He was however, correct about Al Qaeda.

The suggestion: The Divine Miss K highly recommends some of the side links on  The Kitchen Dispatch to various milblogs. Each one will take the reader out of their comfort zone.  But then that’s the point isn’t it?  But this opinionating is for naught, since the hoi polloi claims to “never read the blog.”

Back to blogging: Hope to see you there.

8 Replies to “The Sunday Drive: A Heap O’ Trouble In Vegas and Links To Milblogs”

  1. “that other paper” would be the see dick run, see jane run, primary reading called the fullerton observer. of course the FOol runs war stats every issue with the intent to say war is bad. analysis of the stats will never occur because sharon kennedy, esteemed editor of the FOol once wrote in her paper (before the other FOol staff yanked the pencil out of her hand) that all history books were lies. Why speak wisely when you can speak in generalities?

  2. Yes, I know exactly why they say it.
    The problem is that by only using the stats and looking at nothing else, is that in a sense they dehumanize the dead into mere numbers. This is like reducing them to a rake or a shovel. They are numbers used for their purpose, which is not done out of love, but really very much out of anger.

    It’s one thing to loathe war because of love for humankind.
    But it’s quite another to hate war just because you hate war, and in the mix, you also hate all other things associated with it and are either ambivalent or hate those who are in the fight.

    Sorry for all the editing errors in the article above. Something didn’t happen in the cut and paste, and I”m not able to get in there and edit!

  3. thank you, divinemissk for unmasking the Fullerton Observer’s cheap ploy to gain attention by merely posting the number of our troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice for democracy. I don’t support this war, but it is cruel to exploit our troops sacrifice to boost readership.

  4. I don’t think their doing it to boost readership, I think they’re doing it to absolve themselves from reading the boots on the ground blogs as I’ve indicated. Believe me, they’re not the only ones.
    Read my post on blogcritics in the above link to see how others are expressing themselves.

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