FFFF’s seasoned veteran Attorney Bob Ferguson (6-0 record vs. redevelopment scams) knows a blight scam when he sees it, and is relishing the idea of bringing the redevelopment expansion under the judicial microscope.  Like a quack doctor intentionally trumping up a diagnosis to jack up his fees, the redevelopment agency’s legal council Jeff Oderman with Rutan & Tucker fabricates blight that doesn’t exist at $400 per hour.  Judges will see through this charade, just as they have with many other cities Ferguson has challenged.


One property owner in the affected area said it best–“I’m offended that the City has declared my property blighted, and I just now found out about it. Tell me how it’s blighted and I’ll fix it myself!”

The process limps forward towards a legal battle, with Shawn Nelson and Sharon Quirk in opposition. At least Nelson and Quirk respect the law that they have sworn to uphold.

10 Replies to “THE BLIGHT FIGHT IS ON”

  1. Did Ferguson take his little dog to the trials in those cases? He looked like a kook with that dog at the hearing the other night.

    For those of you that did not see, he sat in the audience with a little yapper dog in his lap. Kind of screwy to me.

  2. maybe nelson respects the law because he has studied it, but quirk goes with the popular flow because she is isnt the sharpest tool in the shed. quirk at best is a temporary asset in this cause but over time she will prove herself again and again to be a detriment to our town because she is persuaded not by reason but by flattery and power.

  3. Watch out. Your kitchen may be designated historical and you’ll have to go to the RDRC for remodel approval.

  4. Ha ha! No way, I dropped the bomb on Fullerton Heritage when they tried to woo us at a meeting at Hillcrest Park many moons ago. Nothing like using their own words –in print, against them! I think they know it’s useless coming up in my neck of the woods, for fear we’ll drag out the pink flamingos. It was a hilarious meeting. The look on “that lady’s” face was priceless.

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