Steve Sheldon Gets Around

Round round get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
From town to town
Get around round round I get around
I’m a real cool head
Get around round round I get around
I’m makin’ real good bread

(with apologies to Brian Wilson)

On a previous post we regaled our Friends with the story of lobbyist and cash-conduit Steve Sheldon and his nautical fund raising effort on behalf of Sharon Quirk who later voted to approve his god-awful Jefferson Commons monstrosity.

Don't buy a used car from this man...
Don't buy a used car from this man...

What we didn’t share is that Sheldon is also a politician – President of The OC Water District and he’s having a “debt retirement” party!

We suppose he didn’t make enough money foisting the loathsome Jefferson Commons on us to pay off his debt himself. Instead he’s asking other lobbyists to do it! What’s really interesting is the names on the “Honorary Host Committee.” These are the politicians who get into the party for free, and thus are actually being lobbied by the irrepressible Sheldon as he high-steps for other lobbyists! See if you recognize any names on the list.

Woohoo! Open Bar, baby!
Woohoo! Open Bar, baby!

We note that our own Don Bankhead is on the list – another aye vote for JC (no, not Jesus Christ). At least Sharon Quirk had the good sense to stay off that list. With majorities of their city council members on it, we’d be really worried if we were residents of Garden Grove or Santa Ana.

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  1. Plus, any lobbyists who show up get to schoomze the politicos without paying them anything – the money all goes to Sheldon.

    I’d love to hear Sheldon’s speech on why he is so honored to be on the Water Board an what a well-run agency they are.

    Consider this: Sheldon spent money on an election he obviously couldn’t afford and/or won’t pay for himself (typical of many pols). He clearly intended to have lobbyists pick up his tab – sooner or later. What does that tell you about Sheldon. And what would have happened to his creditors had he lost?

  2. WOW sounds like some people are a little jealous of hard work that pays off. By the way, Steve Sheldon knows his shit. As a lobbyist He tells developers how to follow the city codes so they can create new businesses center, jobs, or homes for the people of the city. Obviously with that job he is working hand in hand with the elected officials for the beautification of this city.

    Stop complaining its only benefiting you.

    The way to get friends is be nice hahha

    And he would love for you to show up at the party if you have the balls

  3. Wow, just a girl. Looks like you’ve been drinking Steve Sheldon’s kool-aid. Are you that gullible or did he pay you to write that?

  4. haha nope just a college student who gets paid $9 an hour at Starbucks and had an epiphany that we need to boost the economy.

    I can’t fathom how you don’t understand this. OR Mr. Dinosaur do you not care about the people who will be roaming on the earth for the next 20 years. RAR! hahah

    #7 maybe we should tee-pee it too with monopoly money! what a riot haha

    P.s. LOVE the new Jefferson Commons student housing, saw the plans and can’t wait to move in!

  5. I smell an astroturf job. How many anonymous college students/Baristas would memorize and repeat a Sheldon Group press release?

  6. hey homies,
    now y cant we all juz get along
    Obviously just a girl & just a guy have some issues they need 2 work out which is complicated beyond our understanding.
    After reading this & before choosing a side, i went to check out the website for fullerton jefferson commons and to me it seemed like a prety good idea.
    After reading all the hate against steve sheldon i dont understand whats sooo wrong about the jefferson commons?

  7. Cut the bs “no life.” You ARE “just a girl”! And also a first class stooge for Sheldon, a guy who makes his living schmoozing politicians and fundraising for them so he can get his client’s crap approved.

    Well, from now on there’s going to be transparancy in Fullerton.

  8. Well i take it that admin and just a girl after problems 2, which they should work out once she decides to stand up to you

    Now admin or anyone else for that matter, I have only seen the positive in what can come out of the jefferson commons, obviously people in this blog conclude differently.
    Instead of avoiding the question can you answer it?
    What is so wrong about the jefferson commons?

  9. I’ll field this one.

    JC is a big, ugly, overbuilt monstrosity that requires the demolition of buildings worth 100 times as much. It changed needed OP zoning to residential forever.

    Bad planning, bad architecture, bad traffic; just plain bad for Fullerton. But this Sheldon guy got his nut, so that’s all that counts, right?

  10. Yes, Sheldon is very good at what he does; that is in influencing the local politicians, getting exclusive land deals that others can only dream of, then obtaining incredible variences and entitlements and orchestrating the construction of horribly high density projects against the rights, will and wishes of the surrounding neighbors and land owners, destroying the local landscape in the process, then moving on to the next susceptible community to do it all over again, and all in the name of MONEY!!! The property owners and merchants finally ran him off of Historic Main Street in Garden Grove but it cost us tens of thousands of dollars in court and attorneys fees in the process. Beware everyone, no one is safe when one of his bought off city councils or planning commisssions are in session!!!

  11. Thanks, for the warning, Scott, but it comes too late for Fullerton.

    His project (he was front man) in Fullerton that never should have been approved – he should have been laughed out of town – is a monster.

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