Norby’s Got Real Competition in 2010 For County Clerk

A Nineteenth Century Job
The very job title shouts out: "Nineteenth Century!"

H/T to Art Pedroza over at The Orange Juice Blog for this. Apparently our fellow blogger 4th District Supervisor, Chris Norby has a real-life opponent in his 2010 bid to be Clerk-Recorder (say, why is that job elected, anyway?). “Hugh” Nguyen who used to work as a functionary in the Clerk-Recorder’s office is not only running, he’s hired a top-level GOP campaign consultant – Scott Hart and is even having a fund raiser. Hmm.

9 Replies to “Norby’s Got Real Competition in 2010 For County Clerk”

  1. …back to teaching school. He can’t manage anything and is just trying to feather his nest at our expense. Chris – your 11th graders at Brea High are waiting for you.

  2. The photo is not accurate. I think the clerk-recorder’s office uses this high tech doohickey called microfiche.

  3. Chris Norby is just looking for a job and we as citizens should elect a harding working individual like Mr. Nguyen who has the experience to do the job. Mr. Nguyen you can count on my families and all my friends to vote for you.

  4. Dear Must, Sound, Andy & Pink–

    Hey, you guys who take pot shots at me–can we talk for real? My cell # is 714-813-5899.

    If you have some substantive beef, tell me about it. I’m all ears.

    –Chris Norby

  5. Mr. Norby, I appreciate that you showed up here to defend yourself but I’d like to see a little more substance to your comments. Perhaps you could…. tell us why you are better suited to the position of Clerk-Recorder? I realize that it’s a little early in the campaign season and your consultants may not have all your talking points lined up, but I bet you could explain it to us in your own words.

  6. …back to teaching school.

    Substantive beef? What are we going to do, argue about whether you are qualified to run a government department? That’s a no-brainer.

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