Sharon Quirk Quashes Bad Deals


Fullerton residents owe Councilwoman Sharon Quirk a big thank you for her stellar performance at last night’s City Council meeting. Quirk displayed responsible leadership and accountability to the citizens of Fullerton. Furthermore, she made a decision that saved Fullerton taxpayers $6 million while taking the leadership role in quashing the controversial McDonald’s move.

The best part of the night was that she was humble enough to admit error; she had previously supported McD’s McMove, but she realized that move was detrimental to Fullerton taxpayers and she had the courage to stand on principle.

Additionally,  she tried to save the city/agency plenty more by voting against the RDA’s bogus blight findings that it is sure to lose in court.

We are proud to have Sharon Quirk as a Friend For Fullerton’s Future.

11 Replies to “Sharon Quirk Quashes Bad Deals”

  1. Wow, two butt-kissing posts in a row. I feel like I just walked into a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

  2. Fair’s fair. You bashed her enough, so i’s good give Quirk credit when it’s due.

  3. enough :
    Wow, two butt-kissing posts in a row.

    You must know me by now, I’m no butt kisser.

    I believe Quirk finally broke her fear shackles. Time will tell.

  4. quirk bowed to the pressure put on her from FFFF blog site. This woman is too gullible or conniving to be a council member during these economically turbulent times. fullertonions need intelligent leadership not slick politicians to care for our city.

  5. This blog deserves credit for bringing out a history that others chose to ignore and deny. Thanks to admin, Harpoon, Shadow and Travis for their work.
    Political friendships come and go. Whether or not Quirk or any other council member who sees the light on specific issues are “friends” can be ephemeral. The important thing is that the activists on this blog brought the facts to the public, gathered a following, and their outrage spurred Quirk into making the right decision.
    Here’s to more good work in the future.

  6. I second thedivinemissk’s comment. for too long, the residents of fullerton only had the fullerton observer’s(FO) rendition of facts. FFFF blows the FOols out of the water

  7. Is it really necessary to defile the word leadership in reference to Quirk? Can you just thank her for the uncharacteristically sane vote?

  8. You deal with politicians the same way you train puppies. When they pee on the rug you smack them with a rolled up paper; when they do something good they get a chew toy and a pat on the head.

    Quirk saw the light and voted wisely. There’s no downside to that vote. Who knows whether the experience will actually be liberating for her? When Patty Hearst finally got away from the SLA she stopped robbing banks. We’ll find out about that in time. For now, let’s thank her and hope for more good things in the future.


  9. Van,

    Speaking of the Observer, they have taken an very uncharacteristic approach to this whole issue. Where is the venom? I mean to post Norby’s view along side some staff written city response that Blankhead signed? Since when has the Observer been the point/counterpoint newspaper.

    Anyone think that when Coyote Hills gets near a vote lunatic Kennedy will leak to city staff all the anti articles she intends to run so that a response from the city can run along side them?

    This shows what a hypocrite Kennedy is. She is only about her personal feelings on any issue, not what the facts or community members think.

  10. willis, when did you ever read an article in the fullerton observer that was written by sharon kennedy? I never see her name attached to anything printed in this paper.

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