Quirk Kills Bad Burger Deal; Fox Block Kicks the Bucket

Residents witnessed another rousing victory for FFFF last night as Councilwoman Sharon Quirk wisely reversed direction on Fullerton’s famous $6 million dollar burger deal that would give away a brand new McDonald’s restaurant at taxpayers’ expense.  Pam Keller sensed the inevitable failure of this project and also changed course, sending this turkey down in a 4-1 vote. Nelson and Jones had it right from the beginning, but Bankhead rode this one all the way to the grave.

No thanks, we're not hungry anymore

Now that the taxpayer-funded McDonald’s move is dead, there isn’t much hope for the massive Fox Block redevelopment scheme – and that’s fine by us. The Fox Block had little to do with the popular restoration of the historic Fox Theatre and there was plenty of doubt the that the block would be financially viable even with millions in taxpayer subsidies.  Throw in a little public deception about the height of the buildings, and it’s clear that this project needed to be flushed.

Even if you don’t approve of our approach here at FFFF, it’s hard to deny positive results. It’s good to see our representatives fix bad decisions and move forward. We know it’s tough to admit when you are wrong, but that’s part of responsible governance. Thank you, Quirk and Keller, for doing the right thing.

5 Replies to “Quirk Kills Bad Burger Deal; Fox Block Kicks the Bucket”

  1. I think giving Keller any credit for stabbing Ronald is over generous. She, like usual, just voted to stay on the majority side. Her praise for the Burger deal and then her vote of reversal just to go with the flow is worse than voting for the fiasco would have been. In my book, a gutless politician is worse than a stupid one.

  2. Congrats to FFFF. Work on one the other will tumble. You really had the two of them pegged. Good work. A lot of pushing involved but you stuck to your guns.

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