OC GOP says “No more RINOS”; Could Ackerwoman, Bankhead & Jones Be Out of Business?

Allan Bartlett
Allan Bartlett

Our friend Allan Bartlet over at Red County reported that the GOP’s Chairman Scott Baugh gave a “fiery speech” last night indicating “that it is not going to be business as usual anymore for the OC GOP Party………no longer will incumbent Republicans be given safe quarter for their re-election if they have strayed to far off the reservation………..made it clear that he is not looking for ideological purity per se, but Republicans in the mold of Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain & George W Bush for example are not going to be allowed to ruin the party’s economic and fiscal credibility anymore…..Clearly this is an unsustainable path we are on and our elected GOP leaders in DC and Sacramento have been part of the problem.  So tonight he announced a contract with the OC GOP voters. It’s not going to be good enough just to have an “R” by your name if you are a candidate or elected official.  The “R” has got to mean something.”

Did I really say that?
Did I really say that?

Hmm. Let’s reflect on this for a moment. Okay. Baugh throws the Central Committee some red meat. Hooray! But don’t forget that the Central Committee is chock full of Repuglicans led by Ackerman and Ackerwoman; and Baugh is surely the biggest ‘Pug between San Onofre and the 605. When push comes to shove Baugh, Inc. will go with whichever candidate is the best ‘Pug team player, i.e. the one that is most ambitious (but not too ambitious, right, Ed?) and most likely to perform years of  kickoff team duty – there’s only one QB, right, Dick?

It would be awfully strange for an organization made up of so many very selfish and self-interested politicos to all of a sudden change its stripes. Good grief, look at Fullerton: Sa, Godfrey, Jones, Clesceri, Munson (the one that didn’t win) Wison – RINOs all; and all backed by the GOP establishment – again, and again.

So for now we are well justified in assuming that Baugh is just blowing smoke up the Central Committee’s nether portal. And you what? A lot of them appear to like it.

7 Replies to “OC GOP says “No more RINOS”; Could Ackerwoman, Bankhead & Jones Be Out of Business?”

  1. Sorry Baugh, we are sick of your crap and we aren’t buying it anymore. The party is beyond corrupt and it can never be fixed as long as there are sell-outs like you at the helm.

  2. He’s had way too many brushes with the law over his long career in politics. I don’t know why anyone wants to over look it, but truly, it’s time for him to go get some job training and find something else.

  3. Give me a conservative blue dog, and I will vote for it.

    Problem is, true conservatives tend to shy away from the BS of politics in favor of actually doing something.

    The OC GOP has turned safely bland: out of power and easy to ignore.

    I was taught that you need the fire in the belly to run… all I see is a safe career path for the few.

  4. James Crum,
    You hit it well! True conservatives are just that, conservative. They don’t make big shows out of issues; they don’t like to rock the boat because they/we are above that. The problem is, if we are truly conservative, we will NEVER get anything accomplished in Sacramento or D.C. We cannot sit by our GOP leaders and LET them take control. We must control our leaders, not the other way around.

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