Irony: Ackerwoman Complains About Norby Mailer

I lie about him and he tells the truth about me. That's not fair!
I lie about him and he tells the truth about me. That's not fair!

Too funny! Our inside sources tell us that Ackerwoman has filed an ethics complaint to the GOP Central Committee about a Norby flier supposedly tying her to her husband’s budget deals in Sacto.

Since Ackerwoman is tied at the hip to her husband Ackerman, it seems like a fairly reasonable association to make. After all, she was handsomely paid to raise funds for his campaigns so presumably she believed in the product she was pitching.

What’s really comical is that¬†Ackerwoman has the nerve to show her mug in public at all after the scurrilous hit piece that she put out on Norby, let alone complain about “ethics”! The bogus piece she mailed out will no doubt earn her a cross-complaint when the Central Committee Ethics Committee next meets, as will the fact that she isn’t even living in the district where she only recently registered to vote.

Hypocrisy, deceit, dishonor, egotism, power fetish – the list just goes on and on. Who dug up these wretched people?

6 Replies to “Irony: Ackerwoman Complains About Norby Mailer”

  1. Well, there you have it. Talk about a sense of entitlement – and breathtakingly un-self aware. Ackerman and Ackerwoman are really pretty scary people. No wonder the Repugs are all on board.

  2. “our inside sources”

    Ha ha. You mean you saw that on the Red County twitter feed! Just can’t stand admitting you get your news there tooo!

  3. I love it! When you are dirty, the best defense is to loudly cry foul about the other guy. The public only hears that each side is blaming the other for unscupulous behavior and leaves with the impression that both sides must share some of the blame.

    Crying victim is the number one card for the libs to play. Looks like Linda borrowed one right out of the Al Sharpton playbook.

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