Norby for State Assembly

With the disgrace and unavoidable collapse of our State Assembly-zit Mike Duvall of Yorba Linda, a perfect opportunity has arisen for our termed-out 4th District County Supervisor Chris Norby to step into the picture.

Whoo-hoo! The best part is it'll drive Ackerman crazy!
Whoo-hoo! The best part is it'll drive Ackerman crazy!

Chris has taken some heat here from some of our fellow FFFF bloggers for his County Clerk campaign which to some of them gave off an aroma of desperation for a job. Well, the politico gods seem to have placed a job right in Norby’s lap – a job at which he would excel – statewide policy – particularly Redevelopment reform. Do it Chris!

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  1. This guy’s got marital problems of his own. He’s done and oughta just retire on his bloated pension.

    There will be plenty of smarter and more qualified people going for this job once Duvall does the right thing, and Norby isn’t one of them. I’ll bet Pringle’s looking it over too as he’ll need a job next year.

    As well, you know someone’s going to bring up the “nap” Norby took on the Old Courthouse lawn when he was busting up with his last wife. Does the District need yet another average politician who can’t keep his personal life together?

  2. This is a chance for the voters of North Orange County to undo the mistake they made in summer, 1995, during the 3-way between Ackerman, Barbara Kiley, and Norby.

  3. Hey, Tony, now that is one of your better ideas.

    Think of it: Norby runs for Assembly, doesn’t endorse Daly (Norby doesn’t need to string Daly along anymore into running for Supe. set), Norby endorses Nelson, Daly has a seizure (then a heart attack as some blogs posts are exposing his affair with a county employee), Sidu figures out he has no chance and his endorsements on his web page are exposed as bogus for over half of them. Wow, all this from Duval not being able to keep his mouse in the house!

    You can’t hire screen playwrights to write this shit!

  4. ABN=anybody but norby. OC used to have an embarrasment of riches – noble public servants that worked hard. this co-op of cochinos is now simply an embarrasment.

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