Duvall Drops Pants; Calls Attention To Fact

What a Guy!

The rather gross story that has emerged about our State Assemblyman Mike Duvall the insurance salesman from Yorba Linda will not be retold here. It is related in disgusting detail by the relentless Scott Moxley at the OC Weekly here.

We’re not so much offended by this clown’s infidelities, which are his business, as by the utter lack of tact in bragging about them, and the stupidity of doing so in an open mike. Why can’t the GOP find better representatives? And why does the same cast of characters – including Dick Ackerman and Ed Royce – keep foisting these nitwits on us?

PS – JC, I believe this is the thread you may wish to comment on.

Here’s another source for the Duvall video: http://sexoffenderissues.blogspot.com/2009/09/ca-assemblyman-mike-duvall-resigns.html

11 Replies to “Duvall Drops Pants; Calls Attention To Fact”

  1. Todd J. :
    The picture you posted of this fat big mouth is about 10 years old.

    Todd’s correct, also his “ranch” in Yorba Linda is not “his” like he tells (lies) everyone, it’s his father-in-laws.

  2. Just another proof that the political system is bankrupt… thanks to “conservative Republicans” pinheads like Ackerman.

    1. Just a Voter your ignorance is bliss!!! What does Ackerman have to do with Duvall’s private life??? Maybe if you had any smarts about you, you could be something more than “Just a Voter”. Next thing you will probably post is your support for Norby. Only thing Norby has going for himself is that most people already know about his messed up private life.

  3. Now Chris can run for an office that he can really help protect the tax payer’s in this state from the polical wallet termites that reside in Sacremento.

    I will fork out a donation for that run to Chris today if he shift s gears and go’s for it. Nothing would make me happier, in a political sense, then to see Chris giving those Dems headaches. The state level is where Chris needs to be.

  4. if norby just promises to get rid of one fourth of the bureaucratic broom closets that serve no purpose, he has my vote and campaign contribution.

  5. Doesn’t Norby have his own ‘family value’ problems? Or is having 3 or 4 marriages, paying for motels with campaign money and sleeping on lawns the intelligent, responsible and accountable thing to do?

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