Norby for Fullerton City Council in 2010!

I know where a lot of the bodies are buried...
I know where a lot of the bodies are buried...

We’ve kicked around some names of potential candidates for the 2010 city council election, but here’s a new one: Chris Norby.

Norby is termed out as a county supervisor next year and so he would be available. He wants to run for County Clerk for some reason, but we have the sneaking suspicion that that post won’t be vacated by the incumbent, Tom Daly, after all.

There are all kinds of reasons for desiring a Norby return to the city council. He’s good on Redevelopment, is hip to staff’s encroachment on popular sovereignty, and maybe best, it would absolutely drive the yellowing Observer crowd bananas; not mention what it would do to the Jones, Bankhead, Ackerman RINO herd.

So whatdyasay Mr. Norby? Are you in?

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  1. I would love to endorse Norby for the Fullerton City Council! But he is going to need an income stream. Let’s find Norby a job! Then he can run for Council and not worry about paying the bills.

    Perhaps a Libertarian think tank can hire him?

    It would also help if Norby were to jettison John Lewis and his other red-faced pals…

    1. Being married often is bettern than having illicit affairs while married. So what if married four times. Marriage is private. Why doesn’t everybody stay out of that arena. What does an individual’s private life have to do with the performance of the individual of his/her job?

  2. “He wants to run for County Clerk for some reason,”

    For some reason? He’s gonna need a job and Brea-Olinda won’t be hiring!

  3. He never posts anything here. His name is on the blogroll. Or is he posting things under other names?

  4. How come, we don’t reveal details of who posted what. But you’re free to analyze writing styles and draw your own conclusions!

  5. There could be four seats in 2010 if Nelson stays in the Supe race and Jones quits as everybody knows he will. With the mummified Bankhead and Keller up for re-election this could turn into a real free-for-all. Especially if Bankhead sees the handwriting on the wall and gives up.

  6. #7,

    Ewwww! Poor Norby needs to eat more oatmeal and wheat germ…

    But he could also try reading the Red County blog. That will give him the runs for sure!

  7. Thanks for the plug, Fufters. I do & have posted here. I wish I had this support when I was on the council. We could have killed that utility tax in its crib & avoided to whole recall.

    Art, I stick to prunes & All-Bran. Got to, at 59!

    Lovin’ life here in College Park.

    1. Hey there, amigo: you’re getting real close to the edge here. I’ll give you a couple of hours to substantiate this before I pull the plug.

  8. Chris Norby Fullerton Council 2010 sounds more like Back To The Future movie sequel than political reality.

    With all important decisions, let’s do a quick Benjamin Franklin “T”; pluses to Chris coming back on the left, minuses on the right.

    On the plus side:no one may contest Chris Norby as a near-perfect “All Fullerton” candidate. How many Councilpersons have served longer, had as much resident tenure (59 years), empowered as many students (Sharon Quirk’s coming up fast!), and had as many wives in Fullerton?! Chris Norby probably understands Fullerton’s residents, its challenges and opportunities better than any prospective Council candidate. His Board of Supervisors election capped an illustrious teaching career, and equally consistent job in part-time civic representation–both good launching pads for future political life.

    But there’re minuses, too. Like James Brown, Chris Norby’s two terms on Supes have earned him sobriquet as one of the hardest working politicians in OC. But those hard-fought legislative endeavors, expanded constituent responsibilities, increased visibility should position Chris for upwardly mobile career and seniority; to higher office, where he can do more, have greater impact, leave his own unique legacy upon California, Congress, the world.

    Having such an esteemed candidate return to hum-drum of city work–potholes, **sholes, parochial concerns–is tantamount to letting the bull back into a china shop. I can envision Chris Norby seated upon Fullerton Council dais, silently fantasizing about Congressional hearings, great County debates, billion dollar pension-fund restructurings, and not upon the banal, grimy day-to-day essence which defines Fullerton Council life. In a word, over-qualified is just as salient a criteria as under-qualified, for any job.

    Then, there’s negative publicity garnered by Chris Norby during his time from Fullerton. Embarrassing alienation of Latino and other ethnic voters, just to prove a point; public domestic travails, and subsequent use of campaign funds to justify said bad behavior; supposedly Big-Boy lobbying for OC’s Sheriff appointment–using Supervisoral website for political blogging instead of constituent concerns–then shocked anger when upstaged by three other Supes. All these stories will follow Chris Norby back to Fullerton, a quieter, less partisan, kinder world than where he’s been these past seven years. We don’t need Register’s Eye-on-Chris Norby in Council chambers, nor more bad press in Fullerton.

    Still, thought of Chris Norby exclusively representing Fullerton voters brings a smile to my usually parsed lips. I remember, twenty years ago, in my introduction to Fullerton civic culture, going rounds of City staff, appointed and elected officials. Few individuals were as welcoming and encouraging as Chris Norby. Perhaps we can fashion a special job for Chris, much like Laguna Beach’s famous Eiler Larsen. Also from hardy Nordic stock, the doughty Larsen shouted hellos to motorists and tourists for 33 years as the town’s goodwill ambassador. He is memorialized by two statues in PCH. Based on familial longevity projections, Fullerton will be fortunate to have Chris Norby for perhaps three more decades. I recommend we designate the chair on Northwest corner of Commonwealth and Highland, as Chris Norby Greeter’s corner!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    The Enabler

  9. if you people are looking for your ” intelligent, responsible and accountable” leaders why do you endorse Chris Norby??? If your “intelligent” you start with a local govt position then move up. If your idea of “responsible” is sleeping on steps/under a bush when you own a 7 bedroom house, so be it, and as far as “accountable”, really….4 different wives….if you cant keep it together at home you cant do it at work.
    The sad part is the only thing that Tony has been able to do with all of his DAD’s money is start a Blog. Must be nice to ride daddies coat tails. Good thing your dad was intelligent!

  10. #16 try to focus your peas-sized brain on real issues. Norby’s personal life is none of our business, or your’s either.

    I wrote this post, not Tony. It was somewhat tongue-in-cheek to begin with, but also (I think) raises some good points. Norby would be a lot better than the usual hacks that Ed Royce and Ackerman keep foisting on us (think Dick Jones, Peter Godfrey, Leland Wilson, Mike Clesceri, etc., etc.).

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