More Phony Hand Wringing From the Skipper of the Yellowing Submarine

Ahoy there, reality - unable to surface...
Ahoy there, reality - unable to surface...

A new month, the same old weeping by the Fullerton Observer about how the good ol’ boys are keeping poor Pam Keller from her entitlement to be mayor when the next term starts. It’s not fair! Not fair!

(Ed. – Never a word about Keller’s dismal votes on massive projects or her unique working relationship with FSD/Fullerton Collaborative, but that’s another story.)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the person who is entitled to be mayor is the council person who can get two other people on the council to vote for him. Pretty simple. Nothing else really matters.

The author of this indignant drivel lays out a conspiracy tale of events behind the scenes to keep a Democrat out of the presiding chair; and as usual the plot centers around Shawn Nelson, without whom the Observer would have a lot less to natter on about. Ironically the tangled web includes Observer favorite Don Bankhead and by necessity another Observer endorsement recipient – Dick Jones! Observer chickens coming home to roost? God, let’s hope so!

Politics might be going on. The horror! Of course despite the Observer trying to emphasize the ceremonial (i.e. non-political) aspects of the mayorship, the fact is it is a very coveted title when re-election time rolls around – as it does for Pam Keller, next year. Aha! Politics!

So is a scheme being worked out to elect somebody else mayor for 2010? Possibly. Quite likely, although since none of the supposed principles would be likely to talk to Sharon Kennedy about it, it seems much more likely to be a pure guess on her part. Our congressman Ed Royce loves to meddle in these affairs; to him it seems easier than simply turning on the light and opening the closet door to discover that there really is no monster in there. Just some mops and brooms.

And speaking of politics, maybe The Observer should quit endorsing Ed Royce puppets like the chowderhead Jones and focus on somebody who could actually be counted on to support Keller for mayor. Oh no! More politics.

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  1. That’s pretty good. I especially like the way you added that parenthetical editorial snide remark – just the way Sharon Kennedy does it in almost every article she publishes about someone she doesn’t like, or even at the end of letters from people who are “discredited” (by her).

  2. Normally I dont agree with this blog, on most items. However, this is one that you guys are correct on.

    If we all want to have a-political local government we need to all stop being political.

    An individual council member that cannot get three votes does not deserve to be mayor. There is no “because it is my turn” and those council members that make anyone mayor whether they should be or not deserve to be chastised (like councilman Nelson when he placed Sharon Quirk into the Mayor’s chair).

    Heres hoping for some good politicking over this. Love to watch it all splatter.

  3. It appears there is a similarity between Ed Royce and Sharon Kennedy, they both seem to be suffering from the same type of complex.

  4. There is a group of lovely liberals in this town who bash FFFF for it’s endless onslaught of anonymous comments. They seem to have missed the fact that their beloved Observer has been doing the same thing for years!

  5. Nelson just recently showed that he was more than willing to vote for a democrat to be mayor when he cast his vote for Sharon Quirk. Bankhead has supported both Jan Flory and Molly McClanahan.

    Could it be that Pam has personally done or failed to do something to get one of these men to support her? Isnt that what this really boils down to?

    History has proven that republican members of the council will support democrats even when they take grief from their own party. Maybe Pam should talk to Sharon, Molly and Jan (or Jan’s dog) to find out what they know that she doesn’t.

    1. My mistress had the same problem (I was already dead but watching from doggie heaven).

      Ed Royce and Linda Lequire were always plotting against her. But of course she was very mean and I would’t have elected her dog catcher myself.

  6. Ok, the scholarship money has been allocated.

    It would appear that the “reporters” don’t want to claim their work. Why don’t they publish their names???

  7. Gee whiz, maybe the ralph kennedy commission should be called in to rut out the massive conspiracy that lies behind keller’s difficulties in becoming mayor.
    Once upon a time a man ran for a seat on fullerton’s city council. He had family and friends who lived in and around san francisco but why should that fact stop them from voting for him in a fullerton election? Sadly, mean, conspiratorial people got upset with his voter fraud and exposed this fact to the public. the man’s robust wife screamed “but its for a good cause!” to no avail.
    Seeeeee, it was a conspiracy against this poor man by mean-spirited people not the facts that prevented him from eventually becoming mayor of fullerton.
    the next sequal will be an immediate member of this man’s family running for public office and it will be more fun than the last escapade because the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

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