Modernist Realtor Promotes Museum Exhibit; Good To See Others Get It, Too

My husband and I attended the opening night reception of Fullerton Museum’s new Forever Fullerton exhibit featuring the classic photography of world-renowned mid-century architectural photographer Julius Shulman. This was an especially exciting treat since I’ve admired his iconic images for years. But what made it even more special was the exhibit was comprised entirely of photos he took here in Fullerton during the 50s and 60s. More specifically of the Forever House tract of mid-century modern homes designed by Eichler design team Jones and Emmons. Click here to read more.

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  1. I had this friend whose parents were incredibly modern. They had many of those furnishings and a house that defied description. It was open and airy –perfect for California.

  2. I remember this woman ran for city council in 2006. Just not the type of candidate that can raise a lot of dough. Too bad she couldn’t get a hold of some Quirk Cruise booty.

  3. I dont get this exhibit. where is the charm? I dont see mcmansions or a urine pit called the fox theatre, where are the tarantula buildings and gumby street lights?

  4. van, the fact that someone in this community raised a flag has some meaning. Modern architecture is simple, honest, and most often sustainable. The Forever Houses were built out of concrete block, flat roofs (perfect pitch for solar panels) and plenty of glass allowing natural light and ventilation to become a function of the design (form follows function), thus saving electricity. It’s amazing how much wasted materials went into the “tarantula building”.

  5. My good friend Jim worked with Ed Killingsworth, who worked on one of the original Case Study Homes. Jim’s own home that he designed himself in La Habra Heights was a study in light and form. Wonderful home, post and beam. The way the light streamed through the upper windows, the cross breezes –utterly grand. You can see pictures of Ed’s house here in an old story in the LA Times.

    If people want it, I’ll happily interview Jim for this blog. He and his wife are personal friends of mine. He was on the team that designed several big projects including the Kahala Hilton.

  6. Please, please, I beg of you: use “house” instead of “home.” I’ll be eternally grateful. I’ll even name a cat after you.

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