Councilman Shawn Nelson Blows Away Redevelopment Smokescreen and Bogus Consultant

Listen to Councilman Shawn Nelson as he effectively guts the findings of blight necessary to establish the proposed  redevelopment expansion. He applies  intelligence and common sense to this issue that would, if imposed,  negatively effect the future of Fullerton. Undeterred by staff and colleague pressure, he stands on principle instead of prevarication and political expediency.

Folks, this is what a real leader looks and sounds like.

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  1. Nice work. It was almost surreal to hear the other council members (Pam Keller recused herself) trying to find reasons to support the RD area expansion like it was Fullerton’s only road to salvation.

  2. alleluia, the voice of reason has risen in shawn nelson. my profuse thanks to nelson’s succintly eloquent argument that exposed the lies and manipulations by quirk and jones to steal our tax dollars. quirk was nervous as nelson spoke as she frequently darted her eyes over at him and pulled on her clothing. nelson put her in the hot seat when he proved her to be a liar and a cheat

  3. Wow! You mean some one actually listened to the presentation, ascertained what the pertinent facts were and made sense of the issue for us?

    When are we all going to wake up and realize at election time that we need to vote first based on competence not party affiliation, how nice someone is or how many synonyms they can use for the word “listen” (Quirk)?

    I for one have had enough of retired government employees and grade school teachers. It’s no accident only one person on our council even understands what the subject matter is about. We have one guy standing between us and the staff running roughshod over the entire council. Thank you Nelson!

  4. So the consultant was paid a fee to support the finding of blight. However, said consultant should have known –if not found out while doing the research the legal definition of blight under state law. Regardless, consultant went ahead and made the case manipulating data.
    How much did we pay this consultant for their services?
    It would appear that Nelson put the consultant and the redevelopment into checkmate.

  5. The real question is this. Why isn’t the expert preparing an objective report so the council can weigh the data and decide for themselves?

    Obviously staff or someone told this guy “Do whatever you have to to find blight” but at least three of the members of council dont understand that. They didnt know until Nelson spoke evidently that the report is purposely one sided and actually left out ALL the data that found there was no blight.

    Nelson had asked earlier if they found any information that did not support blight. Get the clip of that lame answer from the consultant.

  6. Dave, you are right about that. The finding of blight is a forgone conclusion. Maybe on June 18th Nelson should ask that clown if his company has ever (EVER!) found “no blight” when asked to prepare a study for Redevelopment. And why should he? He is hired to find blight, one way or the other!

    In a way the fact that this study got as far as it did with the conclusions it arrived at is proof that the vote has already been taken – behind closed doors – and the decision made.

    That makes Quirk look even sillier for pretending to be objective about the whole thing. What a laugh!

  7. BTW, Nelson, if you’re reading this, missk asked a good question: how much did we pay this yahoo for his “services”? Another good question is: what is the language of his contract? Does he have to find blight, or is that just tacitly understood?

  8. Mr. Nelson,
    Tell ya what. Next time the city wants a report with manipulated data, let FFF do it for half the price in 1/8 of the time. We can even throw in some French phrases at no additional cost, and make sure the entire team shows up smoking gauloises, wearing skinny jeans with black t-shirts, and matching berets to present la preuve.

    1. And be sure to use the term “paseo” at least twelve times during a presentation to prove that you are interested in community.

      1. Matt, too funny! The way I hear it, City staff wanted to name the UP Park “Paseo Park” but got shot down hard by admin!

  9. Thanks for reminding me Harpoon, Susan Hunt told the Council the “community” decided at a “community” meeting that “they” choose the name “El Paseo Park” where the UP Park now sits (half contaminated-1/2 open).

    I spoke up at the council meeting and reminded the council that as the property owner of the adjacent property the historic Elephant Packing House and as a member of the community (at the time I lived just 1 block south of the park) “some how”, I was never notified of any “community meetings” and suggested to the council that the park should be named after the Union Pacific who owned the property for the prior 100 years and was the home to the historic Union Pacific Depot prior to the Redevelopment Agency stealing and moving the Depot building to the north side of the tracks where it now sits as the Spaghetti Factory.

  10. Admin, are you telling me that the Susan Hunt (City Staff) did not invite you to the meeting they held to discuss the naming of the park and you own the building next door to the park and you lived 1 block from the park?

  11. Fullerton Michael,
    Actually, Susan unt lied to the council. There never was a “community meeting” she lied to the council.

    She was so set on the word “Paseo” that she told the council the community choose it at a community meeting that never took place. It’s amazing how certain words make certain people feel warm and fuzzy.

  12. Could one of the staff historians @ FFFFF please post the history of that “park” in its own post. What little I know is that the place is toxic due to some issue that the Gas Company had, the park changed name virtually overnight after the sign saying “paseo” was already installed and there really is no one other than some washed up old Tokers Town losers that hang there anyway

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