Moby Dick Writ Anew?

I wonder what Chris Norby is doing right now...
I wonder what Chris Norby is doing right now...

We have been wondering of late just what kind of personality engages in the sort of obsessive, seemingly pathological hatred one politico demonstrates to another. Specifically we have in mind the abysmal, enduring, and apparently limitless abhorrence that former State Senator and Irvine resident Dick Ackerman holds for County Supervisor (and Fullerton resident) Chris Norby.

This bottomless well of antipathy even seems to extend so deep as the promotion of Dick’s wife, Linda to run against Norby for the 72nd State Assembly seat, an assembly district that the Ackermans don’t even live in, having fled nine years ago for the greener fields of a “secret gated community” in Irvine.

We’re sort of baffled by this bitter bile and animus Ackerman holds for Norby, and so we called upon the expert opinion of Dr. Reinhold Ott of the Schwabian Institut fur Psychologie in Tubingen, Germany, and FFFF on-call staff analyst.

Dr. Ott
The penetrating gaze of Dr. Reinhold Ott

The case study that you have suggested is most interesting to me as both a psychiatrist and a student of American literature. Of course I may only speak in generalities based upon the facts that you have presented, not having met the principals in the case.

It seems clear to me that there is an obvious case of obsessive compulsive hatred involved on the part of Mr. Ackerman. The source of this animosity may be related to a variety of causes including early rejection and power fixation; there is certainly an element of uncontrolled paranoid megalomania involved and, perhaps a love-hate relationship between himself and the object of his apparent hatred. Dr. Freud identified this “Cain and Abel” syndrome early on in certain cases; and clinical studies in the United States involving Rhesus monkeys and Bonoabo chimps have demonstrated similar tendencies.

I would draw your attention to the great pyschological novel by Herman Melville, Moby Dick, to demonstrate a classical example of  this obsessive lust for hatred, revenge, and of course, eventual disaster. 

Well, call me Ishmael!

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  1. If Ackerman really has a love-hate fixation with Norby, do you think Dick’s id really desires a menage a trois with Chris and Linda?

  2. Mr. Morton, Dr. Judy’s question to Dr. Reinhold Ott is pertinent to the circumstances that surrounds this fascination that Dick Ackerman has for Chris Norby.

    I too would like to know why anyone who lives in a secret and private gated community would move out of the secret private gated community just to have a job that requires a 400 mile per week commute?

    There must be a good reason for the Ackerman’s to deceive the voters and risk it all for the sake of stopping Chis Norby’s quest to work in the State Assembly.

    Great post Harpoon!

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