Happy 50th Anniversary Sunny Hills H.S.!

More Exaggerated Modern!


A Taste of Sunny Hills

Our 50th Anniversary Celebration will officially begin with “A Taste of Sunny Hills: A Taste of Talent, Food and Reunions”, on Saturday, September 26, 2009 from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Bring your family and join us on the Sunny Hills campus for:

– “Tastes” from local restaurants include: Beach Pit BBQ, Chomp, Cafe Hidalgo, Slidebar, Heroes, Phan 55, Koba Grill, Hashigo Sushi, El Matador Cantina, Top Class Pizza, Twin Dragon Chinese Food, Rutabegorz, EHF Fundraising, Lascari’s, and Cajun Swamp!

– A special “KidZone” sponsored by the agriculture department with carnival games and a petting zoo. Jamba Juice will be available in the “KidZone” along with kettle corn and a “candy store.”

– “Reunion Row,” a special place to reconnect with classmates from years past and relive high school memories.

– Live entertainment venues featuring music, comedy and dance from incredible Sunny Hills student and alumni entertainers.

– 50th birthday cake will be served with coffee provided by Starbucks.

Admission for the event is free.

I have received several emails from Friends inquiring about examples of sustainable design in Fullerton.  Sunny Hills High School is a great example of sustainable design.

An umbrageous architecture...
Windows and walkways are shaded...

Concrete structure, steel framed windows both on the north and south sides of all the classroom buildings were built to last; a great cantilevered roof design  provides ample shade while still allows natural light and ventilation to pass through thus not needing HVAC all the time.


The roofs have the perfect pitch and design to accept solar panels for future conversion. When I found out that SHHS opened 50 years ago today, it confirmed the theory that good design will assure that buildings will last for as long as the materials they were built out of will let them.

The new school just around the corner is just 5 years old, and is already starting to fall apart – but more about that in a separate post. DSC00004
Open air food court
Open air food court

12 Replies to “Happy 50th Anniversary Sunny Hills H.S.!”

  1. SHHS clearly was built before promoted teachers became the planners, designers and construction managers for the schools and the JC’s. Having done work for many school districts, I have witnessed the most incompetent “administrators” oversee jobs big and small and am constantly amazed at how easy it is to trick them into outragoues extras and change orders. I cring every time I look at my property tax bill and see all those extra assessments for the schools. At least I know I get even with the system when I get one of their jobs. I just feel bad for all the other poor dumb fools who have to support a system that just seems to operate with the main purpose of keeping their employees busy trying to spend that seemingly endless flow of taxpayer money.

  2. This is no good. Tear it down and replace it with something new. If we work hard, Fullerton can look fresh and festive, just like Irvine!

  3. That suspended and cantilevered concrete canopy is awesome engineering and design, I can’t believe it’s here in Fullerton!

    Thank you for this post!

  4. Some of the FSD schools also have some of these features, especially those futuristic lunch shelters like at Pacific.

  5. SHHS opened in 1959, at the height of the cold war, adjacent to Hughes Electronics. Urban legend at SHHS is the design was influenced by Survivability rather than Sustainability.

    1. Either way it’s still there, doing fine after half a century. Admin, how about a post of how the brand new Fisler school is doing. be sure to add lots of pictures!

  6. Hey Stucololic…SHHS was built back in 1959 not 2009, lets see…that was 50 years ago. I bet you don’t look the same as you did 50 years ago. Architecture was different back then and so were you. What are you complaining about any way…If you want SHHS or Fullerton to look like IRVINE than move to IRVINE that will settle your dilemma. Good luck on your move, hope you enjoy your life in Irvine.

  7. I heard he had a stroke and has slowed down quite a bit, I understand he was one of the best swim Coachs in the county.

    I went to the event on Saturday and it was a big success.

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