Ackerman Phone Call Intercepted!

Gee it looks just like an ordinary van!
Gee it looks just like an ordinary van!

Our field operatives have just recently intercepted a phone conversation between former State Senator Dick Ackerman and GOP PR flack Jon Fleischman, the producer of the now infamous “2007 Holiday Greeting” in which Fleischman identifies Ackerman’s house as located in a “secret, gated community” in Irvine.

As our Friends are aware, this video came at a sensitive time, as Ackerman’s wife is attempting to offer her services to the residents of an assembly district (ours) in which she does not live – yet. Fleischman pulled the video off Youtube – but too late! It had already been snagged by video enthusiasts the world over.

The quality of the phone conversation recording is poor, perhaps due to the multitude of wires in the Ackerman’s topiary gardens; so poor in fact, that it is not effective to reproduce it; however our audio reconstruction department staff have analyzed it at length and have produced the nearly believable transcript below:

(phone ringing)

Fleischman: Hello?

Ackerman: Yeah, (grunting sound) Fleischman, this is Dick Ackerman!

F: Senator, how are you? How is your lovely –

A: Cut the crap, you donkey. That lame-ass movie you made is still on the internet. That bastard Norby got Bushala and Pedroza to do blog whaddyacallits. Now everybody in the 72nd knows we live in Irvine. I never should have let you through the gate.

F: Gee, I sure feel bad about that, Senator. I wish there was something –

A: And another thing what was all that fat-mouth bullshit about a “secret gated community” and “doing pretty well as a legislator?”

F: Um, well…um…

A: Now get off your fat ass and pull that video (snorting and grunting sounds).

F: Gee, Senator I’m not a lawyer, but it’s on Youtube, you know, in the public domain. It’s gonna be hard, you know, to –

A: You’re goddam right you’re not a lawyer. So shut up and do it. Get rid of it. Now.

F: Well, okay Senator, I sure am sorry about all this, you know how I feel about you and um, Linda.

A:  (more grunting sounds) That bastard Norby’s behind this. Well, his days are numbered.

F: Yes, sir. He’s not a real conservative, like us, and he’ll do anything to get elected.

A: (snarling sounds) There’s a strange van out behind the tennis court. Now get off the phone you jackass and make that goddam thing go away (static).

14 Replies to “Ackerman Phone Call Intercepted!”

  1. I had no idea that FFFF was such a hi-tech operation.

    These good-ol-boy chuckleheads just can’t seem to get a grip on the whole Internet thing. Their poor attempts to latch on to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just embarassing. Can they do anything on the Internet without it backfiring?

  2. I dont believe this at all. Now if Fleischman had claimed he had a citizen warrant to wiretap from Corona back in the good old days, that I would believe.

  3. Allan,

    Dude we departed a LONG time ago when you stuck with the corrupt OC GOP and I said adios!

    How you can be chummy with asses like Jerbal and Chip Hanlon is beyond me, but good luck.

    I know if someone was deleting my posts I would be getting the heck out of that situation…

  4. There’s just no need to be nasty like you get sometimes. I believe you have a winning issue with the Ackerman carpet bagging theme, but there’s no reason to say some of the things you say IMO. And yes it’s frustrating when posts get deleted.

  5. Allan,

    I beg to differ. You can’t coddle the red bums you work with.

    The only thing that has ever worked is bashing them over the head.

    I like to do so with tongue in cheek. That you take offense just underscores why you are still part of Red County…and likely always will be.

    That you stay there even though they delete your posts is unbelievable. That is the ultimate slap to a writer. That you stay can only mean that you have a codependant relationship with your red-faced abusers.

    Leave already Allan. You don’t need them. You’re the last decent writer they have left. It would serve them right.

  6. Allan, if you want to have some fun and get your views across to thousands of people every day, write for the Juice! Your an asset to the free thinkers and liberty seekers who read the OJ Blog! Plus, your post will NEVER get deleted.

  7. Allan, if you wrote for the Juice you’ll be joining an absolute nuthouse. But it’s true – nobody would delete your posts because you said something that shines a light on the doings of goons like Hugh Hewitt or DIck Ackerman; or on anybody for that matter.

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