Linda Ackerman: Clothes Horse Supreme In A Time of Recession


We have been disparaging the Linda Ackerman carpetbagging campaign for the 72nd State Assembly seat as nothing more than an Irvine political socialite prowling for a job in North Orange County. Well it isn’t!

The images above were harvested from her campaign website showing the versatile Mrs. Ackerman in numerous wardrobes in obviously staged poses with the usual subjects of political campaign photography: business people, cops, doctors, a geezer, firefighters, et al.; even a gaggle of eager little girls, perhaps learning how to plan a Maui vacation on somebody else’s dime!

And what a wardrobe she has!

Notice the time stamps on the images. Six different get ups for six different locations documented by photos taken with a few hours. What a quick change artist! Hard to believe she actually found time to chat with those actors they called in from Central Casting. What a gal!

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  1. I really like the picture with Linda sandwiched between the two cops and a fireman approaching her from the rear. This one clearly demonstrates the feelings of sexual inferiority and envy that our public service personel manifest toward a man with a bigger hat and a rain coat.

  2. The purpose of these photos are for use in Independent Expenditures. You’ll see these in the mailpieces paid for by Sacramento Special Interest groups soon. i.e. Friends of Dick Ackerman.

  3. No, FR, that kind of blatant collaboration is illegal. These will be on her mailer(s). The IEs are going after Norby.

    Interestingly, I heard from a County insider yesterday that the big bucks aren’t rolling in for Mrs. Ackerman.

  4. Look at those time-stamps.

    I can understand talking to active police at 2:30 am: Police work around the clock.

    But what is Linda doing talking to four girls

    1. yes, I understand what those timestamps really mean: some poor staffer was up all night retouching images for the web page. But scrubbing the meta data is one of the first things you always do with a campaign website.

      Should we expect a similar level of amateurism with the rest of Ms. Ackerman’s efforts?

  5. Tyler, those timestamps are directly from the metadata (EXID) in the camera, not an editing program. Obviously they weren’t taken in the middle of the night – the AM/PM setting on the camera was probably wrong (which is fairly common). Or it could have been a time zone issue.

    The point here is that they were all taken on the same day.

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