Candidate Jane Rands Brings Green Solutions to 72nd District State Assembly Campaign

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Dear Friends, we have received the following press release today from  Jane Rands’ 72nd Assembly District Special Election campaign. Enjoy!,, (714) 325-5223

Fullerton, CA – Jane Rands, Green Party candidate for the 72nd District Assembly, supports a single payer healthcare system, marriage equality, decentralized rooftop solar energy production, restoration of critical education funding, conservation of our water resources, and legislation to strengthen the California Environmental Quality Act. “California’s budget shortfalls can be partially resolved by implementing long overdue oil extraction fees and restructuring Proposition 13 to only apply to family homes,” said Rands.

The Green Party has had ballot status in California since 1992. The Party’s platform calls for ranked ballot voting, universal healthcare, equal rights for LGBT people, equal pay for women in the workplace, limitations on harmful atmospheric pollutants, the preservation and restoration of California’s natural waterways and wetlands, and other policies to develop an environmentally sustainable economy in the state. Visit for more information.

Jane Rands is a Systems Engineer who resides in Fullerton, where she is an appointed member of the city’s Bicycle Users Subcommittee. She holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She currently serves as Liaison to the Secretary of State for the Green Party of California and Treasurer for the Green Party of Orange County.

The 72nd Assembly District includes the cities of Brea, Fullerton, and parts of Placentia, Anaheim, La Habra, Orange and Yorba Linda. A November 17 primary is scheduled to be followed by an expected January 12 runoff election.

6 Replies to “Candidate Jane Rands Brings Green Solutions to 72nd District State Assembly Campaign”

  1. Ms. Rands should reconsider her stance on limiting Prop. 13 to family homes. What about single guys or lesbian couples? More disconcerting is her preliminary policy to exclude commercial property and apparently multi family property. Does Ms Rands somehow think that the increased cost will somehow magically get absorbed by the rich. Those costs will simply be passed on to everyone and government will just gobble it up in its natural inefficienies. It’s nice to think that only big coporations get relief from Prop 13, the truth is that the big corporations are always playing games with the ownership of their real property assets and are paying taxes at close to current market values. It’s the long term oriented small town types that hold and end up with some relief. I’m with her on the environmental issues but she needs to know that all taxes are merely passed on to end users. Prop 13 saves everyone money.

  2. Nice to see wacko socialists representing. She will only take away votes from the Dem candidate who wasn’t going to win in the first place. The race is squarely between Norby and Ackerman. I’m surprised no Libertarian filed.

  3. Be nice Allan. I’ve heard Jane is an intelligent and thoughtful person. Don’t confusw wacko with misguided.

    The Libertarian never filed because with Norby in the race his own party wouldn’t help him.

  4. She probably is a nice person, but her views are whacked.

    BTW, Chris Norby did great last night at the debate. I mean it wasn’t even close. Linda Ackerman looked like a deer in the headlights up on the dais.

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