Keller’s Fullerton Collaborative: A Call for Transparency

Where do you want it? In the back?Yesterday the Shadow exposed some dubious inner workings at the Fullerton Collaborative. We thought something was up since Pam Keller’s penchant for passing bad development projects while proclaiming that she does not take developer money seems madly disjointed. A little digging revealed that a large piece of her non-profit’s donations go right back to Pam’s pocket as payment for her extensive “collaborating” skills, but only after being carefully funneled through the Fullerton School District.

Next came the anonymous whispers¬† – Pam doesn’t take developer donations, but does the Fullerton Collaborative? If so, things aren’t looking so good for Pam’s claims of honesty and transparency.

In light of these findings and on behalf of the public, we request that Fullerton Councilmember Pam Keller release all donation records for the Fullerton Collaborative dating back to the start of her 2006 campaign.

Many non-profits choose to disclose funding sources as a gesture of accountability. Any foundation being run by an elected official should be even more inclined to disclose financial data. Furthermore, if the elected official is being paid by the non-profit, full disclosure is a necessity. Pam claims to believe in the transparency of government, so let’s see if she has a problem showing the public who signs her paycheck.

Some will jump to Pam’s defense because she is generally well-liked. Being friendly and personable is not a reason to give any politician a complete pass. Put your personal feelings aside for a moment. That’s a difficult thing for many people to do and that’s probably why Pam has made it so far without scrutiny. We are merely investigating the motivations behind a politician’s choices. It’s hard to argue that the public is not better served by more transparency.

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  1. Yes, this call is even more relevant now after having read that nincompoop Minard Duncan claim that City Department were paying members of the Collaborative – members whose fees go to paying for their bosses (Keller) salary.

    Open the books. Let’s see who’s chipping in. And let’s see if any developers of massive apartment blocks are on the list. Steve Sheldon, maybe? Richard Hamm of Pelican/Laing perhaps? let’s see if anyone else who has business before the City is a “donor.”

  2. Hate to burst your little bubbles, but has it ever occurred to you that developers are constituents, too? Their ability to talk to elected representatives is called FREE SPEECH. And Pam would be denying them that right by not hearing their side of the story – even if it’s on a boat somewhere. They contribute money to candidates that they think are going to do a good job. And you know what? The systems works just fine.

    And if these same people want to contribute to Pam’s charity, well that’s called community involvement, and that’s a good thing, too!

  3. Shadow, that’s very interesting. Pam has some serious questions to answer. I sent her a note today along with this post. If she refuses to respond, the silence will be deafening.

  4. Chamber Star :
    Hate to burst your little bubbles, but has it ever occurred to you that developers are constituents, too? Their ability to talk to elected representatives is called FREE SPEECH.

    Chamber Star, you are one hilarious stooge.

  5. Travis, this gets more and more interesting. Can you pull Keller’s Form 700 (statement of economic interest) to see if what she reported as income? Those doc’s should be at the City Clerk’s Office.

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