Fullerton Junior College Subjected to More Horrors!

Just in case you thought the North Orange County Community College District couldn’t possibly inflict any more architectural damage to what was once a quite lovely campus at FJC – you’d better think again.

The latest addition to an already overbuilt campus is this multi-storied monstrosity that bears all the hall-marks of the new bond-built FJC buildings: hollow and stuccoed walls, fake arches, and an overbearing presence that sort of sucks the life right out of you. No need to guess what’s coming:McSpanish Dinosaur!

A new monster to contemplate...
A new monster to contemplate...

Pretty soon all those wasteful hollow metal stud walls will be wrapped in lathing and then plastered to present the appearance of masonry; Styrofoam cornices will be tacked on to gratify the sort of taste that demands a hat on a mannequin; phony wrought iron accoutrements will be lagged into the plaster and then the administration can pat itself on the back for another job well-done.

Geez, that's really gonna be awful..
Another embarrassing erection at FJC...

By the way, if you look carefully you’ll notice some sort of cupola emerging on the roof. Is another foolish clock tower avec dome on the way? We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the latest architectural embarrassment at FJC.

18 Replies to “Fullerton Junior College Subjected to More Horrors!”

  1. Who in God’s name is choosing these architects?

    Just imagine – an academic institution with Molly McClanahan in charge. Kind of makes you want to cringe.

  2. The trustees aren’t in charge of anything. Not that it would make much difference. The bond construction is being mis-managed by bureaucrats.

  3. The construction is really affecting us students something terrible, it takes a country mile just to get from one class to the other! But that’s only temporary, what I find even more difficult to understand is why whoever is in charge insists on trying to imitate the older buildings on campus.

    The other day I was waiting for my boyfriend outside by the library, and I bumped my leg against one of the columns and noticed a hollow sound. I knocked it with my hand and discovered this thing that looked like a huge ,solid support for the building was actually fake! Then I looked up at the walls and saw what looked like wood grain patterns, kind of like what is on the math building (which is really old). But looking a little closer, I saw that those aren’t even real, they’re just panels that have been attached to the wall! Now every time I’m on campus, the building is looking more and more fake to me every day! It’s so sad to see them making the same mistakes with the new building, I but I guess it’s too late now. 🙁

  4. An opportunity to do something significant has been lost all because of stupid ignorant people, it’s almost criminal 🙁 🙁

  5. The real crime is perpetrated by the citizens that vote for these Trustees time and time again because they have the likes of “educator” or “public safety officer” or worst yet “incumbent” next to their name on the ballot.

  6. anonymous :
    An opportunity to do something significant has been lost all because of stupid ignorant people, it’s almost criminal

    Anonymous, is it because of the vindictive nature of most of our elected officials you don’t let people know who you really are?

  7. I think the buildings look great. The campus was extremely outdated when I attended from 02-04. I’m sure the buildings are structurally sound as there are still building codes to adhere to.

  8. Hey, Res, if the campus was “outdated” in 02-04, then why cheese it up with fake old?

    Read the post – nobody said the new buildings weren’t “structuraly sound,” just comically fugly. Didn’t they teach you to read in the 3 years you were there?

  9. Well with statements such as “architectural damage,” “hollow and stuccoed walls,” and “wasteful hollow metal stud walls,” I guess I misconstrued the message. And nice jab at the end about teaching me to read… classy!

    1. Fullerton Res, please note that the monster is held up by a structural steel frame. All those thousands of metal studs on the outside are just there to support the stucco. The arches hold nothing up – not even themselves! Pure, unadulterated waste.

      Each monster at FJC is getting bigger, blockier, phonier, and dumber.

  10. Matt, “mediocrity”? These knockoff buildings are duping the below average Joe into thinking that the entire campus is old.

    Doing something creative and modern would have required a thought process and a real architect, two things that seem to be of little value in Fullerton.

    I’m outraged at the disrespect the JC Board and administration has for architectural design and the historic buildings on campus.

    1. Admin, I share your outrage. I often see Fullerton College referred to as the oldest JC in the state, but they don’t seem to mind tearing down their heritage buildings in favor of cheap looking mall architecture better suited for Downtown Disney.

      Institutions of higher learning are often the sites of new and exciting architectural accomplishments, but only if the trustees dare to provide the vision. What kind of example do these awful new buildings at FC set for the students? “Be conservative kids. Grab the nearest comfortable shell that will do for the moment and wrap yourself in it. Above all, graduates of our fine college, don’t take any chances in life!”

      What an embarrassment to the school and to our community that Fullerton College chose to throw away the opportunity that other colleges and universities cherish–the chance to lead the way with bold new architecture built to inspire everyone, especially young people beginning their adult lives.

  11. admin :
    These knockoff buildings are duping the below average Joe into thinking that the entire campus is old.

    In other words FOOLING, TRICKING, DUPING people, that’s not very good especially for a school.

  12. Get out of Fullerton if you don;t like it.. You sound like stupid HOA members who have nothing better to do than bitch at nothing..

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