27 Replies to “Is Roscoe’s Franklyn Above The Law?”

  1. It’s official. This crew is a pain in the ass.
    If I had a PITA
    widget, I’d lock it into the sidebar of this blog.
    A very needed component to the make up of the city.
    I’m glad someone is doing it because as much as you piss people off, and make them uncomfortable, they need to look critically at how some people are reaping more rewards than is justifiable.
    And as long as everyone stays focused on maintaining the status quo, conditions won’t get better for those who have less and deserve much more than they’re getting.
    Keep going, my friends.

  2. Really…Are you kidding me. Lets talk about Downtown Fullerton. I was born and raised in this city. My family owned a car dealership here from 1955 to the mid 1990’s. I was born in this town, raised in this town, educated in this town,Im a homeowner in this town and served the citizens of this town for many years. I remember downtown fullerton when they couldnt give retail space away. This downtown has thrived and flourished over the past 15-18 years. Its because of young, motivated individuals like Jack Franklyn, Cameron Irons, Sean Francis, Florentines,Dan Loriano, and others who were pioneers in shaping the downtown. I know there are a lot of artsy liberals out there who hate to see people succeed in a small business, capatilist economy but guess what, it has made our downtown viable and brought people, tax dollars and other businesses to our communtiy. The Idea that a handfull of residents or ( pissed off competition) aka …you know who you are…and…p.s. it was better when there were pianos..can effect an individuals livelyhood. Now, lets talk about Jack for a second. The guy that pumps more money from a proprietary restaurant into the communtiy. The guy that donated all the kitchen equipment to the new field/park on Bastanchury. The guy that promotes the pub crawl…which by the way contributes thousands of dollars each year to FULLERTON CHARITIES. Heroes has been a staple in this city since the 1990’s. This community/downtown has thrived due to innovative, driven individuals like Jack. Our downtown is recognized and loved by people that extend beyond our city borders. I am a supporter of Heroes, Roscoes and Jack Franklyn. Thanks for helping to revitalize a great city. Your work and the work of the early DTF Pioneers does not go unrecognized. Thank you

  3. Hey Fullerton Cop, what’s your point? Are you saying that Jack Frankyn donates to charity so you will continue to allow him to break the law? That’s quite an indictment on Fullerton PD’s application of the Rule of Law.

    We’ve been hearing that law enforcement is a major part of Jack’s noise problem. Thank you for proving it.

  4. F Cop: The problem is I agree with virtually everything you said and I still dont see how that gives Jack the right to play amplified music outside late in the evening. What you have done is blend the issues. Basically you are saying that since Jack is generally a good guy and good to the community he should not be required to follow the outdoor noise ordinance.

    If I serve on Rotary executive board and coach Little League can I drive drunk whenever I want? I mean, I’m a goos guy and all.

  5. One common denominator of all those DTF “Pioneers” (oh brother!) is the Fullerton cops and code enforcement looking the other way.

    Some of these pioneers started out on a shoestring with no City subidy to which I say way to go! They got their starts because of those cheap rents rent-a-cop complains about.

    Others got subsidies, loans, you name it. Some got free sidewalks.

    But nobody should be allowed to break the law with impunity – no matter how much kitchen equipment they give away.

  6. Cherch’s gets RAKED over the coals when the RDRC insist they make changes to their outdoor patio design. Cherch files an appeal, and council requires Cherch to make costly upgrades. (with No live amplified music on their patio).

    Franklyn builds an outdoor patio, WITHOUT building permits, WITHOUT RDRC review, WITHOUT a plan or review, and gets away with it.?

    Something smells REAL bad.

  7. All of you a**holes can just GO GET A LIFE! Why don’t you pick on the bars that allow underage drinking, bar fights, and DON’T contribute to Fullerton. You are taking pictures of things without any notion of WHY they are blocked off. Maybe you should talk to Frati and ask why every employee and owner parks in this tiny parking lot, taking over HALF of the spaces. Are you going to get your panties in a bunch when they block off the whole lot to benefit the YMCA?!

  8. screw you! :Why don’t you pick on the bars that allow underage drinking, bar fights

    Glad to see you know what it feels like to be ignored by code enforcement! Welcome to the club.

    It’s a public parking lot, so it would be lawful (though unwise) for the gelato-slingers to park vehicles there. I don’t think parking laws apply to kegs though.

    Since you seem to be involved, can you tell us what event required parking spaces for your kegs?

  9. Jack has done good things for Fullerton but he is really blowing his good reputation on this issue.

    Definitely not doing whats good for others…. Only his self interest in mind on this one….

    Wish he would just move the loud stuff indoors like everybody else did and have soft stuff out on the patio….. Why doesn’t he do that ???

    1. It is private property and these idiots dont have a clue what they are talking about. If they could see how much Jack gives, maybe they would find someone else to pick on

  10. If that is private property, then why was my tax money used to improve it? Maybe we should raise the tax on those buildings to pay back the City??

  11. Good guy or not, NO ONE is above the law. I am sure that the residents surrounding Roscoe’s would have to agree with me and majority of the bloggers that are concerned with that!

  12. Not really understanding who is hearing all this NOISE – there is no houses around there. The other businesses get busier when he brings in more people. This was not even an issue until one person did not get his way so now he is out to make sure that others do not succeed also. That makes complete sense?! Please tell me where you stand and you can hear the music in your home that is bothering you? Notice those complaining don’t even live near the site. Oh yea, that’s because there are no homes next to Roscoes. People should really get another hobby. As far as donating money and time to the city, when EVERYONE in that city has benifited from this restaurant, rather you know it or not. Plus drinking and “looser” customers are not what he brings in. Try going down the street since you are all so bored and have nothing to do.

    1. Right on. All these belly achers don’t really understand what is “really” going on here. Can you say Frati!. They are gone now, and hopefully the issue will resolve itself.

  13. Isn’t it said that in today’s world anyone can say anything even if it is the truth or not? You should get the facts before you believe what is written on this site. I can’t believe how pictures and words can be minpulated to be what ever he wants them to be. You would think that if you are smart enough to be on this “committe” for the good of Fullerton you would research your work on both sides before you join on. Remember anyone can say anything about anything. It is you that owes yourself the research to find the truth. Don’t be a follower.

  14. Can anyone list the codes he is violating? I bet you can’t…Instead of just complaining and whining about the noise do something about it.

    Come on… list the codes then go to the authorities and quiet bitching. I bet you can’t.

  15. He’s not violating any codes – anymore. Of course I’m not sure if he ever got permits for his outdoor stage.

  16. I really can’t get too worked up over a stage in the back of a parking lot that no one travels, when someone built a patio right on the public sidewalk across the street diagonally from there. Only it’s not a patio. It’s nothing like a patio. It’s a block-wall room with dark tinted windows and it’s takes up half the heavily traveled sidewalk.

    Is that the issue here in Fullerton? You can only have a patio if it’s walled in with dark tinted windows and takes up half the sidewalk?

    Jack certainly has contributed, and still contributes much to the city, but I can’t see picking on the small, privately owned Frati. They take up half the parking lot? They have two employees, and they are the owners. And how far would they have to walk to park their cars outside Jack’s domain?

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