Hilda Sugarman Puts Her Lafite Where Her Mouth Is…

can we get that in a box...
can we get that with a screw cap?

We have to say this for FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman. She puts her Premier Cru on the line for what she believes in. And what she believes is that her elementary school kids need laptops to be properly educated.

Mrs. Sugarman is one of the masterminds of the FSD laptop program that has given us (and the ACLU) such heartburn. Perhaps not coincidentally, she is also the President of the Fullerton Excellence in Education Foundation (or at least was as late as 2008); the pupose of the foundation, per its website is to support the technology/laptop education in the FSD, etc.

We have heard on the grapevine that the Foundation has pledged $120,000 to the district program over the next two years, which is fortunate since the program seems to be in the hole for at least that much in unanticipated costs in this year’s budget. Seems some folks don’t want to pick up the tab for pricey laptops.

But on to the the bibulations!

well, it's for a good cause, i guess...
well, it's for a good cause, I guess...but remember kids, just say no!

This evening, the Foundation holds an “exclusive” wine auction over at the Arboretum. Lots of locals are involved and it looks like many of Sugarman’s in-laws are event sponsors; and, again we give kudos to Hilda for doing a little intrafamily arm twisting.

We’re sure a good time will be had by all, and that everybody goes home feeling downright philanthropic. But let’s hope that at least some of the attendees come to reflect upon FSD Superintendant Mitch Hovey’s blithering baloney on the FEEF website:

“To be effective in the 21st century, the Fullerton School District believes that students must be able to develop innovative products and processes using technology, construct knowledge and demonstrate creative thinking.”

what did that funny man say?
what did that funny man just say?

We really have no idea what this statement means, but in any case it seems to imply a pretty tall order for an eight-year old. We here at FFFF are somewhat old fashioned, and think that its the job of our elementary schools to teach kids how to read, write, and do some ‘rithmatic; and maybe along the way learn to think a little bit for themselves. Mitch, please consider scaling back your goals for success to something comprehendable, reasonable and measurable.

21 Replies to “Hilda Sugarman Puts Her Lafite Where Her Mouth Is…”

  1. I wonder if Hovey was sober when he wrote that nonsense. I only hope somebody at that FEEF misquoted him. But, somehow, I doubt it.

    Speaking of FEEF what a typical, limousine liberal endeavor. But I guess we should be thankful if it can backfill Sugarman’s other ego trip – the laptop program – without sticking the taxpayer with the bill.

  2. I can’t tell if you are actually complimenting Sugarman or not – a lot of sarcasm to cut through. But let’s not forget the laptop program – despite it’s alleged indespensibility – is also coercive, and essentially denies “equal protection” for the education promised by the State of California.

  3. Instead of investing in research to determine effective instructional practices, public education often relies on fads as quick fixes to increase test scores and to look good to the public that supports them. Before sugarman and FSD demand parents subsidize their ideas, it would be polite if they submitted hard core evidence their child cant learn without a laptop.

  4. Hey Bushala, I see Bushala Insuranse is a “Sponsor” for the “Toast Fullerton Education & Lap Top Program” what’s up with that? Sounds like you are talking out of both sides of your ass bro.

  5. Yo Billy, first I’m not your “bro”, second “Insuranse” is spelled wrong, and last… guess what happens when you lose your check book?

  6. Mr. Hovey’s statement makes no sense because it was written by an educator. Take it from me. I work in education, so I know.

  7. I smell a bitter “Chris Thompson” in this post. Maybe because he lost when he ran for School Board. My two boys Kalil and George Bushala have been part of the computer laptop program. I want to thank Jackie Pearce, Hilda and Fisler for the great opportunity to provide this program to my boys. It’s amazing how much they have taught me and my husband Tony Bushala, specially when he was trying to get his power points ready for City council meetings. I’m sure he cannot thank the boys enough for their help! Our future is in technology! without the knowledge on computers you can’t get a job almost anywhere. I wonder how many of you “bloggers” specially the ones that are hiding behind fake names? have children in school? I bet most of you negative bloggers have nothing to do other than attack people that are trying to help our children. Keep in mind nobody is perfect, but at least they are trying to do something positive for the community. Unlike these negative post that just bash people. Dave Zenger are you behind one of those names or maybe two or even three? Or maybe Mr. Chris Thompson aka Mr. Hooka?
    Come on guys COME OUT OF YOUR CLOSET don’t be afraid!!! We want to see who is behind the “names”?

  8. freydel, calm down and think for a minute.Power point is not rocket science and every child does not need a $1500 personal laptop to perform this simple feat. If you are so easily awed by basic technology then maybe you should demystify it by paying $40 for an adult ed course in computer technology. a sucker is born every minute and its people like you who support people like sugarman and her cons

  9. # 12 Dave Zenger I’am calm. First of all I used the power point as one example only. Second the school saves money on purchasing books that cost up to $120 (I have paid) The books are in the computer and they dont have to carry them around and at the same time we are saving trees. It also saves alot of paper because the homework/classwork is send to the teachers through the computer. With the promethean boards the teachers have the students input their answers when she/he is giving them a quiz and the teacher can immediatly see what needs to go over with the students. You don’t have to wait days to manually grade papers. My point is; students are learning more because the use of computers minimizes the time teachers need to spend correcting papers etc… More time is spend teaching the students!!! Which is what the ultimate goal is.

  10. Yes a sucker is born every minute Dave Zenger! Yes I do support Hilda and her cons….. because my boys have benefit from the program.

  11. Freydel, “My point is; students are learning more because the use of computers minimizes the time teachers need to spend correcting papers etc…”

    No critical thinker would say something so foolish. What kind of books do you read Freydel?

  12. I speak from my experience with “my” kids. I deal with this stuff on a daily basis!!! I guess I don’t fall in your “critical thinker” category. If you think that’s foolish? so be it…….Rudy I don’t read too many books…. Having 3 teenager boys, my own business and a household to run… It’s really difficult to find time to sit back and read.
    I’m sure you can’t relate to that…..

  13. Fruity Lexia – the official boxed wine of Friends for Fullerton’s Future.

    Let its camp followers enjoy special mix FSD kool-aid.

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