Giant Trash Cans Take Over Fullerton

Several of my neighbors have complained about the large size of the new trash cans – it’s hard to fit them into smaller spaces and some might have trouble moving them because of their bulk.

You can call MG Services at (714) 238-3300 and they will switch one or all for smaller 65 gallon bins. I called today and they offered to drop it off next week.


It’s important to point out that we didn’t have much choice in this – the State forced us to a three-bin system because we were not able to meet their high standards for landfill diversion. Note that you can still leave individual items and trash bags out on the curb and they will be picked up.

3 Replies to “Giant Trash Cans Take Over Fullerton”

  1. californians are fortunate to live in a state that cares about the quality of our land fills and trash cans. our state’s legislators are preoccupied by our trash cans and it is unfair to expect them to balance the states budget by this wednesday. Our public servants have their priorities

  2. Travis, I’m pained that you’re the only reader in your neighborhood. The information to get the smaller cans was in the original literature prior to the cans being delivered. They really should pay you for your services.

    Fullerton is the only city I have lived in that didn’t require its residents to sort or recycle. I always found it a bit odd. Frankly, I like having only 3 bins. In addition, having it mechanized saves workers from getting injured, having to take lengthy time off work, filing for disability and paying higher rates on worker’s comp.

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