Fullerton Council to Discuss TERM LIMITS

At the request of several Council Members, the City Council will discuss the issue of term limits, and if the matter should be placed on the next ballot. How many years do YOU think is enough? Some say 8 years, others 12, Mr. Dick Jones says NO term limits. Don Bankhead has been on the Council for 22 years and counting. What will Mr. Jones have to say about agenda Item #13, will he “blow his lid”… again? Stay tuned this Tuesday evening, it should be one to remember.

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  1. No, he won’t blow his lid. He doesn’t have a lidto blow.

    This is the issue that will determine who is an upstanding prepresentative and who isn’t. Quirk and Nelson both publicly supported term limits during the campaign. Let’s see if they still do now that they are safely re-elected.

    By puting this on the ballot in the 2010 Primary we can finally decide if term limits are what we want here in Fullerton.

    And maybe we can finally get rid of dead wood like Bankhead.

  2. Ah Joe, obviously you dont know much about me. I said what I said during the election because I believed it. We should have term limits and will if I can get a majority to agree. Personally I think ANY part of three terms should be enough which in my case actually limits me to 10 years. Tune in on Tuesday.

  3. Okay, Shawn. I’ll be watching on TV. Why, Hell, I may even show up at the meeting and introduce myself!

  4. Good local leaders usually move on to county, state and federal positions. The stinkers tend to cling to their safe seats where they can dole out favors to their pals year after year. Corruption festers with incumbency.

    The citizens of Fullerton are calling for term limits. The longer it takes, the louder we will get.

  5. “The citizens of Fullerton are calling for term limits”

    Travis – some citizens do not want term limits. Especially folks who just love to have entrenched incumbents who are safe votes for whatever the bureaucracy wants (see prior post on Fullerton Observer).

    The real issue is to let the citizens decide if term limts are good or not. The public debate will be healthy for Fullerton.

    Bankhead – who’s been around since the Flood – can explain what he’s really done for us year after year (except act as a rubber stamp, of course).

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