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I did it. So can you!

I did it. So can you!

Just because we had nothing better to do we took a cyber stroll through Linda Ackerman’s Facebook site and lookit what we turned up. Note the name: Carol Rudat, the erstwhile candidate for City of Orange City Council who was busted as a carpetbagger and narowly escaped having her candidacy tossed out by a judge. And now she and her husband Dave strongly endorse fellow carpetbagger Linda Ackerwoman! Too funny!

O, bitter irony! Matthew J. Cunningham had a veritable conniption over Rudat’s carpetbagging in Orange, but now looks the other way when the wife of El Commandante does it in the 72nd Assembly District race!

What a collection of miscreants.

3 Replies to “Facebook Funnies”

  1. Hah! Birds of a feather really do flock together. You’re right Shadow. A real rogues gallery – all dressed up like nice, proper Repuglicans.

  2. Take a look at the list of admins on the “Linda Ackerman for Assembly” Facebook group:

    * Carol Kresse (CSU Fullerton)
    * Desiree Mouzoon
    * Stefanie Benvenuto
    * Matt Rexroad (Sacramento, CA)
    * Mason Harrison (UC Davis)
    * Chandra Sharma (UCSC) (creator)

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