72nd Assembly District Pre-ballot Mail-Out Recap: What We Know About Linda Ackerman

Isn't being a "proud grandmother" enough?
Isn't being a "proud grandmother" enough?

UPDATE: as absentee ballots roll in we thought it would be a useful public service to republish our run down about what we know about Linda Ackerman. If you haven’t voted please read, or read again. If you have already voted have fun reading it anyway. 

We’ve been reading up on our would-be 72nd Assembly District representative, Linda Ackerman, of Irvine. We’ve done some digging, too, and have perused her website. We have had quite a bit of fun shredding the supposed testimonials by endorsers, statements so false that they hardly needed debunking.

Now, with only a month (Ed. now three weeks) to go before the Special Election primary, and with absentee ballots soon to be landing in mailboxes we have decided to do a recap of the territory we have covered. Consider it a public service.

  • Linda Ackerman is a carpetbagger who has lived in a gated community in Irvine for ten years.
  • The Ackermans have “rented” a fraudulent address on Lindendale, in Fullerton to meet the minimum enforceable election law, even though it is a violation of the State Constitution.
  • Despite her campaign claims of being an “experienced businesswoman” she has provided no evidence to substantiate that claim. She does sit on the Board of a collection agency whose clients are organized as Sacramento lobbyists.
  • She created an operation called the Pacific Policy Research Foundation, a putative “charitable” corporation; a dodge whose sole purpose is to provide politicians a free trip to Hawaii to be lobbied by big business interests.
  • She has received at least two $3900 contributions from bogus political campaign “slush funds,” including that of her own husband.
  • She was paid $76,000 by her own husband’s campaign as a “consultant.”
  • She is responsible for perhaps the sleaziest campaign mailer seen since her own husband ran for the Assembly in 1995.
  • She has zero record on any issues. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

In sum, Mrs. Ackerman is a cipher, a virtual non-entity, trading on her husband’s name and hoping to succeed by raising enough money from her Sacramento pals to smear her opponent but good. And there you have it.

We will add as an addendum that it became clear during the Dave Lopez Mike Duvall/Linda Ackerman story that Dick Ackerman “speaks for his wife.” And that blatant puppetry ought to give any conscientious citizen cause to pause, especially when we learn that Ackerman is regarded as Mike Duvall’s “political godfather.”

And the desperate hit pieces on Chris Norby by Ackerman, Inc. and its big business and Redevelopment abuser surrogates has not only gotten slimier, but incessant. A new generation of North Orange Countians now knows how low Team Ackerman will go to keep its grubby mitts on power. Any power at all, really. 

Well, the voters have a clear choice. And in a democracy you always get the kind of representation you deserve!

23 Replies to “72nd Assembly District Pre-ballot Mail-Out Recap: What We Know About Linda Ackerman”

  1. WOW!!! AGAIN!!! I googled Linda Ackerman and the first thing that comes up is her position as a board member of MWD!!! She was in on that whole rate hike thing, too! geeess!!!!!

  2. WOW!!! AGAIN!!! I googled Linda Ackerman and the first thing that comes up is her position as a board member of MWD!!! She was in on that whole rate hike-thing, too! geeess!!!!!

  3. Sorry, the blog didn’t accept post #2 so I tried it again and it took the #2 & #3…

    Why Norby? I have watched the OC Sup. meetings, read through the minutes and staff reports. He has challenged staff on their reports, he discusses matters in open public sessions, he asks for other views to see if their is something he is missing, he votes with my tax-dollars in mind, he has been out spoken on the mess at the sheriff’s department, he isn’t afraid to be the one hold-out on a vote… I could go on, but I think you understand. I’m sure there are other potential candidates who aren’t in this race but who would do about the same, but I don’t know who they would be.

    For me, it’s a no-brainer. Go NORBY!!!

  4. I agree with Greg. I also watched Norby on the City Council for much of 18 years. The only guy who questioned anything, and who voted for the interests of the citizenry instead of the staff.

  5. Did you forget about the fact that Ms. Ackerman did not complete college?

    Try this: Linda Ackerman watched her husband be o politician for 20 years and that is the sum total of her experience.

    1. Now that is a good point, Greg. She decided that the mention of college was important; therefore never having graduated must be important, too.


      1. Well, to be honest, I hadn’t looked at it like that, but that is a pretty good point. She was the on who thought it was important to advertize in campaign bio the fact that she got into college. Not finishing? So she can’t be uipset because we ask about her not graduating.

  6. #7, I did think about putting that on the list but decided not to. A college degree is not necessarily a meaningful documentation of ability. Think about how many graduates a diploma mill like CSUF churns out every year.

    There are all sorts of reasons people drop out of college and never make it back. So this really doesn’t resonate with me. There are already a dozen other execllent reasons to send Linda Ackerman packing back to Irvine.

    Oh wait, that’s right! She never left Irvine!

  7. The list also leaves off her phony claim to be some sort of expert on water affairs just because she got appointed to the MWD by her husband’s buddies.

    What a joke. It’s really time to clean house.

  8. In about 1998 or so (back when I was in college) I did a study for a paper on strippers/dancers and links to prostitution. One of my findings was that the women were either well degreed with bachelors or even masters degrees OR they were young single moms trying to make some easy money. The split was about 50/50 on degrees vs. no degree. So, if a stripper/prostitute can earn a masters and still prostitute herself, I suppose Ackerman can do it as well…I mean run for office since prostitution is illegal in California.

  9. Do we get to pick a favorite? Mine is the Pacific Policy Research charity scam. Operating a non-profit that sends lobbyists and their pet politicians to Maui shows Ackerman’s complete lack of principles or propriety.

  10. Here is a reason you will never hear from anyone, other than the great da Pimp (hey, I’m tryin to build my blog cred here) TO VOTE FOR CHRIS NORBY:

    Norby and the other Supervisors had discretionary funds for use in their districts. Norby had not used very much of his funds, if at all. Whether this was a philosophical decision or there were no projects that needed funding that were worthy enough, is not known.

    What is known is that which occurred on tape that you can watch on the ocgov.com web site.

    The Board decided to limit the use of these funds for parks, public projects such as libraries, and the usual innocuous stuff.

    As the Economy began to tank, a non-profit in Norby’s district (The Women’s Transitional Living Center) that houses battered women and their often abused children, asked for $90,000 to bridge the gap that the state cut from them and to keep their doors open.

    Norby, without any hesitation, jumped at the issue. However, it had to go before the Board of Supervisors for a waiver, as this non-profit no longer met the policy guidelines for the use of these monies. However, prior to the policy change the funds were used for this and other pet projects by other Supervisors in their districts – which would explain why Norby had not allocated his own Dsitrict funds for use; Abuse by other Supervisors.

    If you go and watch the meeting on the County web site, you will see Norby going at it, fighting for these battered women, against his own colleagues attempts to stop him. Moorlach flat out refuses to vote to allow it! So does Bates, who’s own sister was murdered due to domestic violence! Cambell puffs himself up and refuses to vote for it. Only Janet Nguyen votes with Norby to allow the waiver. It almost appears as if they despise Norby for putting them on the spot, well hell they should have granted the waiver.

    This center takes women who are illegally brought to this country and are turned into sex slaves in order to pay off their debt. Children who, along with their mothers, are beaten and stomped by their fathers are allowed to stay with their mothers at this shelter, get training to be self sufficient, learn a skill so they can get employed and no longer be a burden to the tax payer, if that is anyting we should be worried about.

    Norby summed it up best by stating – I could, as some of my colleagues have, use this money with no waiver at all for a dog park and yet, I can’t use it to help save the lives of women and children.


    My God, you could have used the money for a dog park but not for these women. Even the most ardent libertarian would have to agree that there is a role for government in providing for the care of battered and beaten women and children, but not the other Supervisors. Not the CWLA, ohhhhh nooooooooooooooo. They couldn’t go against their girl Pat. Despite the issue of women, nothing could trump going against another women politician by the CWLA, even if it meant that poor women and children could be suffering or worse, dying.

    This is why I’m voting for Chris Norby.

    And the shame of all this is that you would never see him try to use what he attempted to do for the Transitional Women’s Living Center as a tool to get him elected. Well I will because it is not a tool, it is the evidence of a sound and thoughtful man, when against his own colleagues, will fight them for what is right, rather than what is easy.

    That really is the crux of the issue, isn’t it? Norby cannot be controlled by his party or by his fellow politiciains. He will not allow them to perpetuate their taxing crimes and manipulation of laws, like redevelopment agency laws, against the citizens. With Norby I do not get the Business As Usual Politician feeling. He is a true Republican, he is fiscally responsible, and I trust him to do the right thing when nobody is watching as he did for the women and children at the Women’s Transistional Living Center

    da Pimp

    1. James, I have the feeling that somebody else is already living in that house. Of course that never stopped the Ackermans from shacking up!

  11. Any reports on anything from the Dem or the Green candidate? I’ve yet to see any serious look at them, yet if one can muster 50% ackerman and norby won’t matter.

  12. JC,

    We’re going to have to ask you to set down the crack pipe and slowly back away. Help is coming. Dont panic.

    Ackerwoman and Norby can bloody each other up all they want. There is no one on the ballot that will get 50% including the repubs.

  13. Dear Admin – minor footnote here: Norby is the guy who gave last year’s (or maybe it was 2010) OC woman of the year award to your ex-wife.

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