Ed Royce Punks Fullerton. Again.

A good defense starts with an offensive record
Come on Ed. Time to step up!

For years our Congressman Ed Royce has been screwing the people of Fullerton by supporting and promoting a crew of utterly lame-ass Republicans for City Council gigs. Judging by appearances, this biblical succession of intellectual and philosophical dwarfs was meant to thwart Democrat victories, and at the same time none of these zeros had any potential for challenging Royce in the future.

How else can one explain the likes of Dick Jones, Julie Sa, Mike Clesceri, or Leland Wilson on Fullerton’s City Council – all promoted at one time or another by Ed Royce? We won’t even bother to address the issue of the pro-educrat RINO zombies on the Fullerton School Board that Royce has supported.

But now he’s really gone too far. Although the news has been oddly hushed up, he has apparently endorsed Linda Ackerman to succeed the scum-suck Mike Duvall – whom he also endorsed. It was reported here by the OC GOPs other uber slime-blob, Adam Probolsky (he got a gun from Carona, too). Does it bother Royce that Mrs. Ackerman has no experience, no record, and no residence in the district? Maybe that explains the fact that this endorsement has gotten little air play – Ed doesn’t really want us to know about it. Especially when a real small government Republican, Chris Norby, is in the race.

Adam Probolsky and Mrs. Ackerman share the joy of Republicanism for Fun & Profit

We are sick to death of Royce trying, and succeeding, to stick us with this series of ciphers under the pretext that anything is better than a Democrat. The constant interference in local politics is annoying enough; but to do so with an eye for his own self-interest is selfish and irresponsible, even for a politician and, frankly, more that just a little cowardly. Come on Ed. Time to start stepping up and doing the right thing by your constituents.

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  1. Unfortunately what we see time and time again is people constantly endorsing folks that are nice or that they have a relationship with rather than people who are competent leaders

  2. These bastards are all the same. They treat us like we’re working on their plantation. Ackerman still does and he’s been gone ten years!

  3. An Ed Royce quote from the Ackerman press release: “Linda Ackerman has been a tireless advocate of individual freedom and fiscal discipline. She has demonstrated an ability to tackle difficult and complex issues and would be an outstanding Assemblywoman,”

    I’d like to see Royce back up this baloney with some evidence. Linda Ackerman a tireless advocate of individual freedom? I see nothing in her resume that event hints of any efforts in this direction. In fact, here resume is filled with appointments to various charity boards and other vacuous nonsense often associated with bored housewives of wealthy politicians.

    Get real, Ed.

  4. There’s been a lot of discussion over the years and months about short men in power. Many people who have the condition prefer the term “little mans syndrome” or “person of short stature syndrome”. Many drive big trucks and many become politicians. Mike Clescerii was a former patient of mine and so was former Republican California State Senator John Seymoure.

    Ed, when your ready you can reach me at 323.461.7445

  5. the politician that listens and responds to his or her contituents and whose political platform promises to protect the tenets of our rrepresentative government by making the rights of the individual larger than big government wins my vote. If Norby can prove this to me and other fullertonites who are disgusted with their tax dollars filling up the public trough then he will whip ackerman’s butt (and not like the way duvall does it) and probably unthrone royce.

  6. Probolsky will do a poll should you want to know your political tea leaves read, just pay through the nose, ass, or both.

    He gets the spin off pieces from his political consulting friends.

    What a nasty way to make a living, groveling for table scraps. But from his photo it appears to be lucrative, to say the least.

  7. Holy shit that Probolsky dude is a fucking whale.

    He needs to exercise some personal responsibility and get the lap band.

    What a pig!

    Nothing personal.

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