A Tsunami of Slime Is Coming

Lest anyone believes the special election to replace scummer Mike Duvall in the 72nd Assembly seat will be a model of decorum, we will disabuse them of that misconception right now.

Chris Norby can run on his political record – because at least he has one. His principal opponent in the GOP primary, Linda Ackerman, has no record other than being married to the once-powerful, and still venomous Dick Ackerman, and she doesn’t even live in our district. But the Ackermans have an ally.


That ally is named Ed Roski. Never heard of him? Roski is a hyper-wealthy LA real estate guy (Majestic Realty) and virtually controls the City of Industry as his personal fiefdom. The City of Industry is the single biggest Redevelopment scam in the history of California, and Roski’s latest big idea is to steal a professional football team – the San Diego Chargers were a likely target for a move northward – to a new stadium at the confluence of the 57 an 60 freeways. Since Norby has openly attacked the phony City of Industry and the NFL theft,  he has incurred the wrath of Roski, so the story goes, who is supposedly as vindictive as he is rich. In other words a perfect playmate for Dick Ackerman.

According to local political theorists, the plan is laid. The Ackermans keep their South County hands clean vis-a-vis Norby, and continue to show up at Central Committee meetings with smirks and innocent shrugs; and Roski does the dirty work on Norby. Nice folks, huh?

Well, get ready, Friends. Absentee ballots are mailed out in a couple weeks. A tidal wave of slime is on its way.

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  1. Have you seen how many NFL teams were not able to sell out their tickets today and therefore their local telecasts were blacked out?

    This is a bad time to be pursuing an NFL team…

  2. #2,

    But it will! Instead of watching football for free, you will have to pay to go see it.

    That will suck if the new team is the awful Raiders, who traded next year’s first round pick for a 29 year old with injury issues.

  3. Art, don’t get me wrong.

    It won’t cost Roski anything. He got the 80 people of Industry (they live in an assisted living home) to vote for a massive bond to build a stadium.

    Personally, I hate pro football, so I don’t care if the games are on TV or not.

  4. The way you have framed the argument, this would appear to be an actual “Science Fair” project or social science experiment, testing the hypothesis that voters are stupid, ignorant, easily fooled, etc.

    My optimism regularly takes some heavy blows but I remain optimistic.

    Norby is actually a capable dedicated honest hard working idealistic American political LEADER.

    He is – always has been – WAY too Liberal for my wishes, but he is deeply thoughtful, well informed and fair in making the innumerable decisions and judgments which he, as an elected official must make.

    I think that ALL people are smart, very smart. If you don’t think so, try selling something to the next “rube” you encounter.

    In politics, the most recent example of my optimism taking a severe shelling was the election of Obama. A result that I utterly detest – being a non-Communist, myself.

    But, it was recently brought to my attention that much worse than Obama…. was McCain (the architypical PHONY Republican “conservative” EXACTLY of the Ackerman, ET UX, type).

    We shall see if special interest money (thanks for the Roski introduction) and the thread bare worn out “Feminist” anti-man balogna of “the Mrs.” can overcome the basic wisdom of free citizens casting their votes in interesting times.

  5. There are those who see Norby as not conservative enough. I am not one of them perhaps because my views are more libertarian. Norby has my support and my vote.

  6. I am new to this blog. Here is my comment:

    If these are the individuals who wish to be considered for the new rulers I suggest they consider a certain biblical verse which says something like this;
    “woe to that man who betrays the son of man. It would be better for him if he had never been born.”
    At the moment, many of those folks in Sacramento just don’t get it. The 2008 election is over, and the oligarch party is too. And it ain’t coming back. Now it might take awhile to be rid of the plutocratic vermin in both parties, but it is happening, now. Witness Duval, et al.
    If I were a gambling man, I believe that for now I would keep my money.

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