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  1. quirk caved in to pressure. she is weak and it may seem a victory for reasonable government has been won, but again quirk in the near future will be easily swayed by silly schemes. she is a hazard to fullerton

  2. The “Golden Arches” of the new 6 million dollar subsidized McDonalds building should follow the same degrees as the arches on the adjacent High School building, so the kids will feel like they are still on campus 🙂 “Form follows function”.

  3. It just doesn’t seem very logical to have taken the homes using eminent domain and approving this project based on the anticipation that the FOX was a “go.” should have changed until the city was assured the Fox Fullerton Foundation could come up with the funds agreed upon on the stipulated timetable.
    And I’ll leave it to the Harpoon to talk about The Fox.

  4. The FOX Fullerton’s website is down. Is it temporary, or is the boondoggle sending out death throes?

  5. True story: I was driving my car with my 12-year-old son in the back seat, and told him that the city was about to spend $6 million dollars on moving McDonald’s 200 ft. closer to Fullerton High School. He then wondered aloud why they wouldn’t leave it right where it is? I told him that apparently there was some plan to use its existing location as some kind of commercial space in the effort to restore the Fox Theater.

    But then he said that if they really just wanted to restore the Fox theater they should “just refurbish the parts that need it and put on a new roof.” He added that he thought it was a bad idea to move McDonald’s closer to the high school because it would just encourage more students to eat there. I kid you not, these were his thoughts, without any prodding one way or the other.

    So how is it that a 12 year-old can see this and the “grownups” on the city council can’t?

  6. Mr. Peabody, welcome, and thanks for posting your comments. We look forward to hearing more from you. Anybody who can raise such a perspicacious (got that word from The Shadow) boy must have a lot to contribute.

    Your 12-year old son is obviously more perceptive than our city council – although, admittedly, the bar is set kind of low.

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