Another Ackerman For Fullerton?

You people remember my husband, right?

Martin Wisckol over at the Register wrote about the possibility of Mrs. Linda Ackerman, wife of  former State Senator, Assemblyman, Fullerton Councilman, and gerrymanderer par excellence , running in a special election to replace disgraced Mike “the Big Dripper” Duvall in Sacto. You can read about it right here .

Several thoughts spring immediately to mind. First, Wisckol reached Mrs. Ackerman while she and Dick were vacationing in France at the home of the Marquis de Sade. We’ll just let that one go except to add that that’s a pretty apt place to announce you’re might just replace Mike “Spanky” Duvall.

Second, Mrs. Ackerman doesn’t live in the district. She and Dick decamped a while back when his field of operations permitted him to move south. We don’t care for carpetbaggers even if they used to live here and we care even less for the spouses of politicos who trade on their mates political connections. Mrs. Ackerman’s political star has ascended in a not-so-curious trajectory, as her husband’s career wound down. She’s on the MWD board and that gives one cause to pause lately.

Third is the great irony of immediately placing yourself in the discussion about replacing a degenerate that was handpicked for office in the first place by your hubby and his “in crowd” GOP hacklings. Look how that one turned out!

Come on over to my ranch, and I'll tell you about the time I got famous.
Come on over to my ranch, and I'll tell you about the time I got famous.

Fourth, we read in Wisckol that Mrs. Ackerman claims she is conservative, but does not share Chris Norby’s anti-Redevelopment stance. In other words, she likes government intruding into local development and business, she likes affordable housing set-asides, she digs corporate subsidies, and she admires all the other big-government baggage that Redevelopment brings with it; hardly conservative at all, really. Well, hooray! Now we know what the Ackermans mean when they use the term conservative.

Finally, we note the possibility of a Norby-Ackerman rematch of the 1995 assembly election between Chris and Mrs. Ackerman’s husband, a spectacle in which Dick proved just how low he could go. Ackerman loathes Norby with a undisguised passion that has long since crossed over the threshold of obsession. Although the match would be highly entertaining, fulfilling a brain-dead family vendetta is a poor reason to do much of anything, let alone run for public office. Mrs. Ackerman should stay in Irvine.

18 Replies to “Another Ackerman For Fullerton?”

  1. With the exception of the bluehairs in the Federated Repuglican Women nobody is going to support this candidacy.

    BTW, how about a post on those female dinosaurs and their love affair with Dick Jones?

    1. Excellent idea, AF. Those gals have been supporting every RINO non-entitiy to come down the pike since…well, since forever.

  2. Norby’s no prince either, and with the visibility that Drippy’s caused on the shenanigans in Excremento, the story on his sexual harassment problem is bound to come out. And a few marriages. And his sleeping one off on the Courthouse lawn. And the nepotism.

    1. There are very few princes (or princesses) in politics.

      Judgement (or lack of same) is important; so are positions on issues. It’s the combination that forms (or ought to form) our ultimate opinion on who to vote for.

  3. Ackerman Flackerman :

    With the exception of the bluehairs in the Federated Repuglican Women nobody is going to support this candidacy.

    Nobody? How about the Boohoos, they would support Linda just because there’s a women in the race. Plus, for some strange reason they love Dick.

  4. Slow down there friends, the word on the dining room floor is that “Spanky’s” back peddling on his resignation, he refuses to sign “it” till Dick tells him to, and Dick’s out of town.

  5. I’m with Spare Me. You’re out of your mind if you think the already wary residents of this district will elect another borderline kook. Norby is widely disliked and I’m sure the developer for the stadium in City of Industry will make sure we’re all aware of his own indescretions.

  6. How about a fresh face. Why always retreads like Norby and Ackerman. Maybe someone with a real future. not a spouse wanting power or the fake liberatarian seeking a bigger public pension. Public school teacher and Supervisor are not enough gravy? Wait a minute, wasn’t the public job he really wanted and raised campaign money the O.C. Clerk-Recorder? More evidence that he only wants a public salary and benefits. Some philosophy!

  7. No thanks Mrs. Ackerman. Being the wife of a legislator does not make you qualified to be one yourself. What exactly has Linda Ackerman done to this point in her life to be qualified for the job other than stand next to her husband?

    Also, Linda was the fundraiser for Spanky Duvall I believe.

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