A Sign of Things to Come

We keep hearing that County Clerk Tom Daly wants to be our next county supervisor, replacing Chris Norby, the current job holder, who is termed out next year.

We have never cared much for the idea – not because Tom isn’t a likable sort of fellow, but instead because he has held a series of government jobs in and around the County since the 1980s and we don’t relish the thought of being represented by a typical insider, career politician-type.

What really worries us is the fact that the Democrat Daly is being energetically promoted by one-time conservative Republican John Lewis, the campaign consultant/lobbyist whose modus operandi is to get ’em into office and then begin to lobby ’em.

But back to the Daly campaign. Apart from Daly’s announcement away back in March – six months ago – we’ve heard virtually nothing about the his campaign, except that Lewis paid a loud visit to Chris Norby a few months ago trying to secure the latter’s endorsement for his man Daly. He didn’t get it.

So we’ve decided to help the Daly campaign. To that end we’ve designed a nifty campaign sign, several thousand of which we plan to decorate the Fourth Supervisorial District if in fact, Daly does decide to run after all. Hope you like it!


9 Replies to “A Sign of Things to Come”

  1. Well, I guess the sign is 100% true. Personally I would like to hit a tad harder. The guy is a left wing nut shilling for the most vile lobbyist in the OC

    1. Oh Commish, he’s not that far left. He’s actually a go-along Dem – like Agran – whose main goal is to have a job. It’s true he’s in bed with Lewis, and that ain’t good.

  2. Tom Daly is an idiot. I have friends that works at the clerk recorder office and they tell me he is a terrible boss. He doesn’t give a damm about his employees. They all hope to get new boss.

    My friends tell me that he is always flirting with the young girls. The only different between him and Duvall is Daly hasn’t been caught.

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