Ackerwoman Sighting…

With all that money I made raising money for Dick I can buy a lot of stuff at Cosco!
With all that money I made raising money for Dick I can buy a lot of stuff at Cosco!

A Friend passed along  a tip just this morning that Linda 19% Ackerwoman was recently sighted shopping at Costco. Well, to actually be more specific, it was at the Costco in Irvine. What about shopping “Fullerton First” on the part of one of Fullerton’s more recent residents.

So do she and Dick still live in the “granny flat” in Dr. Dolan’s house? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Do you know if she has re-registered to vote in Irvine? I believe she has to be an elector to remain on the MWD board.

  2. most likely Johnny the Fleshman could go searching with his videocam and answer these very important questions of character….or probably Jerbie Cunningham knows the answer?

    1. Any chance of a 2009 Ackerman holiday greeting? That would be awesome! Fleisch could start in Fullerton a knockin’ at Dolan’s door, then proceed to Irvine – all the while talking up the “secret gated community” he’s about to sneak into.

  3. I agree….time for the white suburban to be out on the road….what phone calls might occur? is Desiree and Probolsky traveling the 57 freeway? Most likely dodging the Jerbal droppings that are visible down the right lane on the way to Mom and Dad’s house in Chino Hills and to check on Dad’s check cashing business in Ontario

  4. #3
    I think we underestimate Jonny the Fleshman and his expertise….We should view him as the second coming of Russ Meyer

  5. I understand that elsewhere on 4F last July that Who is Laura Cunningham? wrote with an inquiring mind that “Laura Cunningham-Principal of Strategic Solutions (Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham’s wife) is one of Orange County’s most respected (by John Lewis) public affairs professionals and provides clients with almost two decades of experience in governmental and political affairs.

    She served as District Director for former state Senator John R. Lewis throughout the 1990s, and continued with Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman during the early part of his first term (as a field rep). Laura served as Vice President of Public Affairs for the Lewis Consulting Group, representing clients to the Orange County Board of Supervisors (Daly loves Lewis) , local governments and special districts. Her client work included land development, public bond financing, waste management, landfill engineering, and strategic political and campaign consulting.”

    Landfill engineering? Does that mean that she carries a Ralphs bag with a pooper scooper picking up jerbal droppings? that gives a new perspective to the concept of landfill…..

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